Top 25 Perfect Options of Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022

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Haircuts for thick hair 2022 are very diverse. If nature has awarded you with a luxurious voluminous head of hair, then all that is required is to give it a beautiful, neat shape. We will tell you how to opt for proper haircuts for thick hair and how to take care of them.

Not everyone has a clear idea of the thick haircut options that can be suitable for them. Before finding the perfect one, you have to go through several options.

Top 25 Perfect Options of Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022


Let’s consider several haircut variants for thick hair together! We have selected the most effective haircuts for thick hair 2022. There are long, short, along with medium-length hairstyles for both straight and curly hair.

You definitely have a wide range of possibilities.

Features of Thick Hair

Thick hair is not only beautiful, but also troublesome. It requires daily care using professional, high-quality tools and beauty products.

The most important thing for owners of thick hair is to find their own stylist who will know exactly what form of haircut and styling is best for this type of hair.

If the hairstylist knows what to do, any option will perfectly emphasize your image and beautiful hair density.

Top 25 Perfect Options of Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022

Choosing The Perfect Haircut

A haircut selected taking into consideration the shape of your face, structure, and mass of hair, not only looks proper but also corrects your appearance, turning disadvantages into advantages.

There are some nuances in selecting the perfect hairstyle.

By Face Type

For a haircut to be impressive, you must pay attention to the type of face.

In order to select the right haircut for the type of face, each stylist needs basic knowledge of building a shape on the client’s head. Based on this, it becomes easy to understand where it is better to emphasize the volume, and where it is better to remove it.

For a round face, stylists advise visually narrowing haircuts with lengthening. For a square shape, the main criteria for a successful haircut are smooth lines and asymmetry of the strands.

Short straight bangs are contraindicated for girls with a triangular face shape. Well, the oval type is suitable, perhaps, for any hairstyle, whether it be a daring pixie or classic layers.


For Heavy Hair

Heavy straight hair is very thick, and often has difficulty keeping volume. The main task of haircuts for such hair is to give them lightness and shape, which will hold up without much effort.

It is important to choose a haircut and styling, first, based on the preferences, and then on what suits you. Lightening the contour will help the shape not look overloaded and massive.


For Curly Hair

For lush, wavy, or curly hair, selecting a haircut is not so simple. Both a short haircut and a long one can show all the beauty of thick curls, the primary thing when choosing a model is to take into account the structure of curls.

So, for soft waves, a bob or a longer haircut is suitable, and for elastic curls, shoulder-length is an optimal variant.

It is worth going to the hairstylist who works with curly hair most of their time or who also has curly hair of their own because in most cases they are able to find the flawless shape and styling for you.

It is also essential that the stylist knows and clearly understands what you want to get at the end of the haircut. Will you be able to repeat the salon styling yourself, or do you need to make such a haircut that styling is not needed at all.


Short Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022

A short, light hairstyle for thick hair is especially appropriate for those with an oval face shape. In this case, you can even open your forehead by combing the strands back or dividing them into a straight parting.

Options with thick short hair 2022 are what you need.

Short Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022


Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2022

A classic option without bangs or with, it looks particularly exciting in combination with thick hair and allows you to experiment with both the length and the cut line.

Short Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022


An ideal option among short haircuts for thick hair 2022 for those who want to look good, but spend a minimum of time on their hair.

Short Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022

Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair 2022

Stylish ultra-fashionable pixie haircut has a huge number of variations, fits in five minutes, and goes to absolutely everyone.

Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair 2022

A Shaved Back of the Head

Often, those who wear short haircuts for thick hair 2022 may decide to shave part of the strands – for example, on the back of the head.

The shaved area gives a haircut for thick hair the desired lightness.

Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair 2022

A Shaved Temporal Part

Owners of long, thick hair can try themselves in a new way. The element of the undercut haircut, namely a shaved temple, will help them in this.

Haircuts for Thin Hair 2022 Female Undercut


Perfect Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022 in Medium Length

Most often, those who are lucky with the splendor of their hairstyles go for medium length.

Medium length will emphasize the dignity of a fluffy hairstyle.

Thus, just by shortening the strands to the shoulders or a little higher, you can demonstrate their density as much as possible. At the same time, you will maintain the convenience of styling.

Perfect Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022 in Medium Length

Medium Hairstyle with Side Parting

Thick hair is usually very durable and can withstand the damage to the intense lightning required to achieve pure white or platinum.

Perfect Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022 in Medium Length


A torn Aurora haircut with a slight carelessness effect can refresh hair of any length.

Perfect Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022 in Medium Length

Asymmetrical Bob

This fashionable variation of layered bob for thick hair 2022 is very convenient in everyday life, it looks impressive and does not require a special approach to styling.

Perfect Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022 in Medium Length

Long Bangs

Straight and beveled, sparse and thick, torn and multi-layered – there are a huge number of options for bangs, and only a competent hairstylist can choose the right one.

Hairstyles with Bangs 2022 short

Haircuts for Thick Frizzy Hair 2022 with Short Bangs

Remember that short bangs bring all the emphasis to the face: the eyes are visually larger, and the nose is wider.

Haircuts for Thick Frizzy Hair 2022 with Short Bangs

Haircuts for Thick Long Hair

Long and thick hair is the dream of many girls.

For those with thick and curly hair, you can try the length below the shoulders.

Thick curls are an easy and romantic option for a fluffy hairstyle.

In fact, not everyone will decide to leave the full length of hair with an excessively thick head of hair. And if there is such a girl, she can be considered very brave.

For long, thick hair, you can do some things that will make life a little easier for their owners. One of those things is bangs!

Hairstyles with Bangs 2022 cascade Haircuts for Thick Long Hair


This haircut is characterized by the different lengths of strands, which, among other things, visually slim the face.

Many people consider various cascade options to be the correct haircut for thick hair.

A cascade is a technique that allows you to visually thin out thick hair.

Haircuts for Thick Long Hair

Hairstyle with Thinned Ends

Heatless waves are a great way to texture your second or third-day hair without any damage. Braid the hair and sleep with them through the night and wake up in a carefree style!

Hairstyle with Thinned Ends 2022


The popular graduated technique is currently used by hairdressers in almost all haircuts. The gradation of the length of the strands emphasizes the hair texture and increases its volume.

Women's Hairstyles 2022 on the side

Layered Hair

The layers are a versatile hairdressing solution that can be used to correct any face shape and lighten heavy hair.


Long Bob for Thick Hair

Also, owners of voluminous strands may try long bob with a bang, or without it. This way you can achieve a neat effect without visually weighing down your hair.

A long bob is a haircut for lush hair that will make you look laconic and stylish. This lush hairstyle is lovely and practical at the same time. It is suitable for owners of wavy hair.

A practical lob hairstyle will be an excellent haircut option for your thick and lush hair.


Lush Hairstyles from The 60s

For those with voluminous and thick hair, we highly recommend trying 60s-style fluffy hairstyles.


Shag Haircuts for Thick Hair 2022

Those who are convinced that the new is just a long-forgotten old may like the shag. This lush mid-length hairstyle that comes from the 70s has found its fans today.

medium-length-hairstyles-2022- shag

Shag haircut visually lightens wavy strands, giving them volume. At the same time, your hair will be reliably tamed.

Shag will make the image airy and expressive.

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