Top 28 Absolutely Voguish Straight Hairstyles 2024

Short Haircuts

Ladies with straight hair are very lucky because they can afford any haircut. Straight hairstyles 2024 look neat and elegant. Girls with straight, thick, and smooth hair most often prefer to grow their hair to the lower back and do nothing else with it.

But everyone’s tastes change over time, and many women of fashion decide to change their image, starting with a new hairstyle.

For girls with an oval type of face, haircuts such as bob or lob are well suited. The latter option gives the necessary volume to your hair. Any styling with a bob haircut will be worn for a long time without losing its shape.

Top 28 Absolutely Voguish Straight Hairstyles 2024


Despite the fact that the owners of straight hair are always drawn to curl them, in their original form, they look no worse than Hollywood curls. The whole secret is to correctly present such a hairstyle.

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What can you do with straight hair without curling them? Let’s find out together.

Loose Straight Hair 2024

The whole charm of this hairstyle is in perfectly smooth strands. Therefore, if your hair is even slightly wavy, or does not lie flat, it is better to use an iron, draw out strands with a comb and hairdryer, or apply hair oil.

Top 28 Absolutely Voguish Straight Hairstyles 2024

In addition, the tips play an essential role in this styling. Uneven, split strands look terrible – so if necessary, do not postpone a visit to the hairdresser.

Straight Tail

This hairstyle is very often used on the catwalk during the demonstration of new collections, which already suggests that it is stylish. Its highlight is that the strands must be smooth, and the ends must be even. If your hair lacks shine, you can additionally use a filler or leave-in care – they will make the hair thicker.

This hairstyle has two options – a low ponytail and a high ponytail. The last option looks more interesting, but not always suitable for a long face. In addition, this variation involves a strong constriction of the hair, so it will be difficult to go through with it all day.

Straight Tail 2024

Straight Hairstyles 2024: Combed on One Side

This hairstyle will add elegance and Hollywood chic to your look. It is not difficult to do it – it is enough to straighten the hair, throw a few strands to one side, comb them, and fix the result with varnish.

You can do this styling with a hairdryer, but we do not recommend combing wet hair – you can cause mechanical injury to it.

This graceful styling will liven up your office look – with a pantsuit or a simple shirt, it looks simply breathtaking, and will be the perfect completion of an evening outfit.

Combed on One Side 2024

Straight Hair with Bangs 2024

Girls with the correct facial features can diversify their image by adding straight or long bangs to the bob. Smoothly combed hair and straight bangs will look very stylish.

Long bangs, distributed on two sides with an even parting, look gorgeous. Carelessly falling strands around the face will make the face slimmer. This option is suitable for those girls who cannot decide on straight bangs. Also, with the help of long bangs, you can diversify the classic bob.

Straight Hair with Bangs 2024

Straight Bob 2024

Bob with an even cut will refresh and make your hair visually healthier and thicker.

With such a haircut, it will be enough just to dry your hair, and you are already ready to go out. This haircut does not require special styling, it itself looks chic and fashionable.

Asymmetrical Straight Hairstyles 2024

Short Bob

The shortened bob will add charm and style to the image. This haircut looks modern and feminine. Open neck and collarbones will make you look romantic and sexy.

Short Bob 2024

Messy Bob

Bob with ragged ends will add playfulness and sexuality to the image of any courageous lady. Any styling will look lively, mobile, and airy.

Short Bob 2024

Chaotic Styling

Careless hair looks especially advantageous on such hair. Having twisted the strands on a curling iron, or an iron, they should be straightened chaotically with your hands, as a result, you will get a romantic and easy styling.

Chaotic Styling 2024

A Half Circle Hairstyle

A semicircle haircut will lengthen your look a little. It is this type of haircut that is considered the most popular among fashionistas. This hairstyle will suit many beauties of any age.

A Half Circle Hairstyle 2024

Selecting The Correct Hairstyle

Each lady has its own characteristic features in appearance, along with advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, the latter can be skillfully hidden by choosing the right option for haircuts, styling, and hairstyles.

Even the characteristics of the body and the age itself can be of great importance.

In any female hairstyle, a lot can be adjusted by making the right styling. Moreover, haircuts look original not just on plain hair, but on highlighted ones, such as ombre or balayage with various effects.

Hairstyle 2024

The Oval Face Type

It can be noted that it is one of the universal ones.

For ladies with an oval face and straight hair, almost any haircut is suitable. The women of this type should give particular attention to the classic bob – long, with additional volume. The pixie will also look good.

Moreover, all of the listed options will complement the image of ladies at any age in the same way.

The Oval Face Type 2024

A Round Face

Experts recommend making the round face less noticeable by correcting it with a haircut. A rounded bob will definitely not work, since it will only aggravate the situation, but its cascading or long options will be very advantageous.

You can also consider the option of cascade for medium hair length.

Oblique bangs are perfect for such options.

A Round Face

A Square Face

Haircuts with asymmetrical strands are ideal in this case. A long bob with straight bangs can look advantageous.

Whatever haircut is selected for this type of face, with its help you need to try to smooth out the angular features of the face as much as possible, making them softer.

Haircuts for Thin Hair 2024 A Square Face

A Rectangular Face

Any haircut just above the shoulders can go perfectly with a rectangular face shape. They can be with or without bangs.

A Rectangular Face haircuts 2024

A Triangular Face

For a triangular face, haircuts with long oblique bangs are recommended.

A Triangular Face haircuts 2024

A Long Shaped Face

Here such options as the classic bob and, and sometimes, a beanie haircut can be suitable. To visually correct the condition of the hair, it is recommended to add volume, for example, by thinning.

A Long Shaped Face

Short Straight Hairstyles 2024

Perhaps one of the most popular haircuts for straight hair is the universal bob.

Numerous subspecies of this haircut allows every lady to find the very option that will be the best complement to her image.

Short Straight Hairstyles 2024

Classic Bob

This version is considered optimal for women at any age. The bangs should remain straight, but all kinds of variations with it are not excluded.

Haircuts for Thin Hair 2022 Classic Bob 2024


In recent years, a haircut called lob has been very popular. Its distinctive feature which makes it different from all others is the straight hair with the strands, as a rule, below the shoulders and raised hair at the back of the head.


Inverted Bob

This haircut is most often chosen by courageous ladies and very young girls; whose soul requires experimentation. In such a haircut, part of the hair at the back is cut very short, and the hairdresser leaves longer strands of hair around the face.

The neck remains practically open, which adds a unique zest to any look.

Haircuts for Thin Hair 2024 Inverted Bob


Bob with Lengthening

This is also considered one of the most demanded options. In this haircut, the hairdresser leaves hair of various lengths. They are longer in the front and short in the back.

The haircut can be done with layers or a smooth transition. Here, you should be cautious not to overdo it with the haircut on the back of the head.

Bob with Lengthening

Asymmetrical Straight Bob 2024

Creative natures often opt for the asymmetrical bob. But it looks most profitable with exciting color transitions.

Asymmetrical Straight Bob 2024

Medium Straight Hairstyles 2024

Medium-length hair is considered optimal for many women. It is a golden mean – not too short, and not too long. For medium length, the following haircuts are most often done:


This haircut is a soft transition of hair from one length to another. This haircut is ideal for straight hair as it visually adds a little volume to it.

Medium Straight Hairstyles 2024

Layered Straight Hairstyles 2024

It is not considered among the most popular ones in recent years, nevertheless, it is very profitable. It will accentuate even the finest hair.

Haircuts for Thin Hair 2022 Layered Straight Hairstyles 2024

Asymmetrical Straight Hairstyles 2024

This is most often relevant among young ladies and representatives of various subcultures, artistic natures.

Asymmetrical Straight Hairstyles 2024


Most often this haircut is selected by ladies with medium hair length.

Straight Bob 2024

Long Straight Hairstyles 2024

Long hair can also be varied with the right haircut. You should just take into account that here you will need more effort, and the costs will be a little higher.

For long straight hairstyles 2024 of dark or light color, hairdressers most often choose the cascade, Bob, graduated haircut, options with torn strands, creative haircuts with cutting off parts of the hair, and even shaving some areas.

Asymmetrical Straight Hairstyles 2024

Nearly all variants will go perfectly with bangs but, of course, you can also achieve the desired image without it.

However, it should be noted that haircuts for long hair are not suitable for women over 50-60 and also very short girls, since they may not show them in the most favorable light. They are also not recommended for those women who have very bad hair splits.

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