12 Selected Men’s Long Hairstyles 2024 To Try This Year

Long Hairstyles

When it comes to men’s long hairstyles 2024, there are many variants for straight, wavy, and curly hair. Today, men’s long hair speaks of the inner character of a man. He can be creative or a brutal rebel.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024

At the same time, the length looks best on men with thick and straight hair, as they make the image masculine, not romantic.

Long hair requires special care, so you will need regular grooming and some products to keep your hair in shape and healthy.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024

If a man is brave, not lazy to style his hair every day, he should choose one of the options from long haircuts for men 2024 in order to look stylish. The fashion world offers many ideas, the most popular haircuts are in our collection.

Classic Styling for Long Hair

This option is suitable for both wavy and straight, coarse hair. In this case, a central parting is formed on the head (it can be exactly in the center or slightly shifted to the temples), from which the hair is combed on the sides and covers the ears – this is done when a man wants to open his face and show a beautiful forehead and eyes.

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If a man has a wide forehead and a square chin, a side parting is formed, as well as an oblique long bang.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024

In the mid-2000s, the mullet hairstyle was disdainfully called the hairstyle of a farmer from America. However, the famous performer David Bowie cannot be classified as a hard worker from Texas. But it was he who loved to fit in this style.

The hairstyle differs in that the hair is cut shorter at the crown, and the strands of the lower occipital part of the head grow long.

Well-known stylists agree that in its current version this youth hairstyle can look very natural.

But it is still suitable for creative and courageous men engaged in non-standard activities. When a man’s life is all about business meetings and important negotiations, choosing a mullet is risky.

Man Bun – Top Knot

Another trendy hairstyle is Man Bun. This haircut is provocative enough. But this was not enough for stylists, and now they offer the most daring look – Top Knot.

Laying the bun is easy. The first step is to create volume on the crown with a hairdryer and styling product. There is a wide range of sprays, gels, mousses and so on the market. The next step is to pull the hair into a high knot and secure it with a thin silicone rubber band that matches the color.

With the help of a men’s bun, you can create an elegant style from any long haircut. The hairstyle is collected both as a rebellious top knot and as a small low knot. Each of the options is ideally combined with all styles and suits absolutely everyone.

Remember to keep your bun hair fresh at all times.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024

Long Hair with a Headband

 All hair is traditionally combed back and fixed at the crown (closer to the bangs area) with a headband. It also allows you to open your forehead and keep hair out of your eyes.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024

Long Haircuts for Men 2024: Pompadour

A variation under the interesting name pompadour is in vogue. It will always be relevant. The hair must be of a good length for its execution. The peculiarity of this option is in the temporal part, where the strands are cut shorter, and the bangs remain the same length.

However, in order to wear this hairstyle every day, you need to learn how to style it correctly.

The first step is to wash your hair, dry it thoroughly with your head thrown back so that the strands take the necessary shape. After combing, sprinkle with varnish to fix the hairstyle.

The pompadour is perfect with the presence of long strands.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024

Symmetrical Haircuts

These men’s long hairstyles 2024 require virtually no styling. Strands gently falling on the face look concise and sexy. Choose a haircut that will blend in with your facial features and style.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024

Bob is a recognized favorite among men’s haircut trends 2024.

Symmetrical bob is a bold and eye-catching haircut.

The versatile hairstyle is successfully combined with any image. For curly hair, a graduated version is ideal.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024

Asymmetrical Haircuts

These hairstyles attract attention, so they take more time to maintain their shape and style.

These options will help to disguise the flaws of nature and highlight the merits.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024


Men’s Short Haircuts 2024: Undercut

This original hairstyle looks equally gorgeous on both short and long hair, highlighting the image, emphasizing the masculinity of the man. There are a huge number of options to go with any style of clothing.

The undercut looks gorgeous on a perfectly flat head of hair. In the classic undercut, the occipital and temporal zones are cut with a machine. The master gently moves in the opposite direction of hair growth. It is enough to comb the hair back for styling.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024


The haircut is very convenient in everyday wear since the strands do not reach your eyes.

In terms of age, there are no special restrictions, since in any case, a haircut will give a man a certain charm. But, alas, this hairstyle is suitable only for people with an oval head shape, otherwise, all the flaws will be visible.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024

A ponytail haircut may be inappropriate for the average office worker, so it’s important to be exempt from strict dress codes.


The shortest hair here is on the temples and sides; for the best effect, filler scissors are used. A special line forms from the back of the head, which creates a smooth and neat transition.

The correctly selected grunge can not only emphasize the merits, but also hide the flaws. So, men with a round head will visually correct it, and long strands hide a too large forehead. The haircut will not look so good on curly and wavy hair, so it is better to choose it for a tight and straight hair texture.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024


The longer your hair, the more interesting patterns and options you can try. This hairstyle consists of about a hundred braids. They are made from their own hair, weaving special threads into them. It takes more than six hours in time, and you can wear them for about a month.

Remember that braids visually enlarge the face, so they will look good on men with a thin face. They should not be worn by owners of too large facial features, otherwise, they will become even larger.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024


Variants of such men’s long hairstyles 2024 came directly from the culture of Rastafarianism, whose representatives preferred to braid their hair in dense and matted curls in a special manner.

Today, young people often use such hairstyles with thin, but frequent dreadlocks.

12 Selected Men's Long Hairstyles 2024

The downside of such hairstyles is the need for very thorough care. If he is absent, such dreadlocks will look terribly untidy, cause severe discomfort during unwinding, and even become a nest for parasites.

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