Top 22 New Chic Haircuts for Long Hair 2024 To Try This Year

Long Hairstyles

Hair length has always been a disputed question for ladies. Bold haircuts for long hair 2024 delight with their naturalness and unpretentiousness, allowing you to create attractive looks with curly or straight hair.

Since time does not stand still, new solutions appear every year. Hairstylists are trying to find new approaches, embodying innovations and trends in an original presentation.

22 New Chic Haircuts for Long Hair 2024

If you are fascinated by long haircuts, we advise you to look at our review fully, because we have gathered the most relevant solutions in an abundance of options.

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Let’s have a look at the most relevant long haircuts with the most original stylistic solutions.

The Diversity of Haircuts for Long Hair 2024

Women’s long hairstyles 2024 cover the most diverse cutting techniques, which are constantly improving.

Of course, the most beautiful options tend to give women the opportunity to change and improve.

22 New Chic Haircuts for Long Hair 2024

All the gorgeous long hairstyles in an assortment of styles and popular techniques represented in our review are worth to be tried on the hair of young fashionistas, as well as ladies who, irrespective of their age, allow themselves the pleasure of having a luxurious hairdo instead of a modest one.


Recently, creative long hairdos have been actively appearing on the network. It is often related to a kind of slightly messy hair.

This extraordinary approach is highly appreciated by daring beauties, for whom these messy long hairstyles have become an inseparable component of the image.

22 New Chic Haircuts for Long Hair 2024


It is worth noting that the most trendsetting haircuts for long hair 2024 are still characterized by simplicity and elegance, which do not involve particularly complex techniques.

As a general rule, the main thing for long hair styling is the well-groomed look of the hair, and the optimal coloring option, which can change a woman beyond recognition.

22 New Chic Haircuts for Long Hair 2024

The Choice of Haircuts for Long Hair 2024

If you select the most relevant long hair styling for yourself, you will undoubtedly be happy with the way your hair looks and your overall appearance.

Long haircuts often do not require complex styling. You just need to opt for the right hair styling and a pleasant shade that harmonizes with your appearance. The ability to properly wear luxurious hair is also important.

Chic long hair styling can be perfect for both straight and curly hair.

The Choice of Haircuts for Long Hair 2024

Women’s Long Hairstyles 2024 for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you should not go for a complex technique, but you can surely create a beautiful cascade, women’s long bob hairstyles 2024, or original solutions of long hairstyles with bangs 2024.

Women’s Long Hairstyles 2024 for Curly Hair

Long Layered Hair 2024: Thick & Thin Hair

But those girls whom God endowed with thick curls are simply incredibly lucky, as long layers are a stylish find for them.

Voguish long layers will be a little bit difficult to achieve on thin hair.

Long Layered Hair 2024: Thick & Thin Hair

Unique Options of Haircuts for Long Hair 2024

And how to create a unique long hair styling?

Of course, you should go for the most current straight cuts, creative bangs, unexpected asymmetries, in order to enjoy the inimitable effect that they will give your look.

Unexpected Solutions for Women’s Long Layered Hairstyles 2024

Let’s start with the most creative solutions with bold transitions.

Some very bright examples include shaved parts on the back of the head or on the temples and, various types of bangs that can even visually adjust the shape of your face.

Unexpected Solutions for Women’s Long Layered Hairstyles 2024


The most impressive options are the ones with complete asymmetry. The graduated technique helps to create the most extraordinary options, in addition to non-standard examples of coloring.

They help to achieve a real wow effect that appeals not only to you but is also noticeable to everyone around you.

Long bob hairstyles 2024 can be attributed to the same group when the front strands are longer, and the hair at the back is noticeably shorter, but not devoid of spectacular volume.

Unexpected Solutions for Women’s Long Layered Hairstyles 2024

Long Layered Hair 2024 in Modern Interpretations

The beauty of long, healthy hair is the most essential thing for a girl, therefore, without regard to the chosen long haircuts, the main thing is that they are in harmony with your look and style.

Cascading transitions and the multilayers are not new trends, but they have precisely received the status of a must-have for this length.

Long Layered Hair 2024 in Modern Interpretations

Women’s Long Layered Hairstyles 2024 & Hair Types

These hairstyles are probably the most suitable options for girls with any type of hair because thin hair due to the created layers can become more voluminous, and thick long hairstyle in a cascade will be facilitated by ideally located cascade transitions.

The multilayer effect, which forms the correct outline of the face, also transforms long haircuts, creating a ready-made styling for its owner for every day.

On straight hair, the layers seem very restrained and elegant, and on curly hair – flirty and playful.

Long Layered Hair 2024 in Modern Interpretations

Trendy Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2024

Cutting long hair with bangs can improve the hairstyle, giving it a unique flavor.

Long hairstyles, where the bangs smoothly and evenly go to the main array of strands – Sassoon is really trendy. This trend is not new, but it is ideal for romantic young ladies who are not indifferent to the retro style.

If the strands are straight and not modified with transitions and layers, you can enhance the hairstyle with variations on the side bangs, straight and even, or completely short bangs, creating a light, weightless and flirty look.

Trendy Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2024

Short Bangs

If short bangs end above the eyebrows, it gives some naivety to the look, making the whole image more youthful and fresh. But, with a certain make-up and style of clothing, short bangs can give your look a very spicy charm in the style of retro beauties.

Bangs to the level of the eyebrows, or slightly higher, are considered classic and the most traditional and are suitable for almost everyone.

Trendy Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2024

Long Bangs

Hairstyles with long bangs covering eyebrows are great if you need to draw attention to your eyes.

Such bangs add some mystery to the look, giving extraordinary attractiveness to the overall image.

Trendy Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2024 long bangs

Thick Bangs

One of the most prevailing long hairstyles with bangs 2024 is the thick bang below the eyebrows.

This type is achieved with a blunt cut. The shape of this bang can be straight or slightly rounded.

Trendy Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2024

Textured Bangs

You can use textured bangs of various lengths and thicknesses in graduated haircuts or combined with wavy hairstyles.

When picking the length and shape of the bangs, consult with your stylist on the bangs that will be most optimal for your face oval, nose shape, and eye shape, as a rightly-chosen bang can very perfectly accentuate the most spectacular features of your appearance.

Trendy Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2024

Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical bangs will be pertinent in tandem with graduated strands along the entire length, a torn cascade, and sharp transitions and cuts.

Note that such extreme variations can be performed both on the side with a pronounced parting, and in the form of a curtain – on both sides.

Whether you pick long haircuts with sharp or smooth cuts, bangs, and graduated curls – it doesn’t matter, the central idea is that it gives you the unique opportunity to change for the better at that very moment.

Luxurious Curls

Haircuts for long hair 2024 clearly show nostalgia for true femininity and romance.

Discover the beauty of soft curls and stylish waves – let your new hairstyle fill your look with mysterious sensuality and charm.

Fashionable curls and waves can be created with a hairdryer and round brushes of various diameters, as well as with tongs. However, you should not go for hot styling too often, as hot tongs and hair dryers dry the hair, and regular brushing can injure the hair and lead to breakage of the ends.

Curlers and shapers in all shapes and sizes are still the gentlest way to get trendy curls and waves.

Trendy Long Hairstyles 2024

Curly and Wavy Highlights

The undisputed hit among haircuts for long hair 2024 are waves and curls with highlights.

To get cool spiral curls, you can use a variety of curlers or tongs, while the hair must be wrapped in thick enough strands.

Curls and waves appear especially chic on well-groomed and shiny hair in ombre or balayage technique.

Trendy Long Hairstyles 2024

Naturalness and Simplicity

It’s no secret how attractive can be the naturalness and simplicity of the image.

Most of the haircuts for long hair 2024 are achieved with simple and natural styling.

Your long hair will surely seem extremely stylish, even if you don’t alter its natural texture. You can just play with the natural texture of the hair with a diffuser blow dryer, a texturizing lotion, or a curl enhancer.

Long Hairstyles 2024

A Play of Contrasts

Any time you want to get a really sophisticated and snazzy look, you should mix two different types of textures in one hairstyle.

Smooth roots in combination with wavy or curled hair ends are among the trendiest haircuts for long hair 2024.

The brighter the contrast between the smooth and curled part of the hairstyle, the more extravagant and evening the look is.

Trendy Long Hairstyles 2024

Grunge Styling

If you prefer naturalness and a little artistic messiness in your hairstyle, but in the meantime, you wish to add some wildness to your image, the straight-fire grunge is exactly what you need!

Take a closer look at this stylish trend of the season, as it has a pleasant opportunity to change your image with a deliberately careless hairstyle, which should be supported by an applicable style of clothing.

Those who fancy this hairdo for themselves should take into account that in order for grunge to look really stylish and organically fit into your image, you need the hand of an experienced professional stylist.

And do not forget to ask your stylist for a piece of advice on how to take proper care of this hairdo at home.

Trendy Long Hairstyles 2024 Grunge

The Voguish Bouffant

Back into style, bouffant in season again maintaining its positions. It still has fans who prefer luxurious, bright images with an extraordinary touch.

A small pile will be quite required in everyday life, but it is advisable to save the most pretentious and catwalk options for evening events, at which you can undoubtedly become the center of the admiring attention of others.

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