Best 40 New Trendy Haircuts for Thin Hair 2022

Medium Hairstyles

If you don’t have thick hair, haircuts for thin hair 2022 can expressively improve the picture! You can fix the problem of thin hair by selecting the right hairstyle. Some options can only emphasize the lack of volume, while others can create the effect of lush hair.

Medium and short lengths can be the best for thin hair. They visually look much more voluminous and thicker, so you can find more of them in our selection. Long hair may make the hairstyle heavier, although such options are also possible.

Best 40 New Trendy Haircuts for Thin Hair 2022

As we know, the main trend of this season is naturalness. So, those who tend to add volume to their hair may go for a long bob, a pixie, and a garçon. Among these hairstyles for fine hair 2022, every woman will find an option for herself.

Short Haircuts for Thin Hair 2022

In order to achieve the visual effect of volume by strands of different lengths, one above the other, women should opt for short layered hairstyles not underestimating longer ones.

They not only refresh the face, but also create a semicircular silhouette.

Since fine hair does not hold its shape well, you should opt for a haircut that will look well-groomed even without styling products. The selection includes options for 2022 short hairstyles for fine hair that help to add texture and volume to the hair.

Pixie Cut for Thin Hair 2022

A pixie will help to visually create the effect of thick hair. Volume is achieved precisely due to the uneven length of the strands and layering. And the hair may seem even thicker if you try out some unique coloring options. Bleached strands will add depth to the tint.

Charlize Theron and Kate Hudson prefer this haircut.

Pixie with Long Bangs

Long bangs can be loose or braided. In either case, this option visually increases hair volume.

Pixie in Light Shade

If your hair is very thin, the ideal option is a pixie cut and dyeing it in platinum blonde.

Correct Root Shading

A pixie cut for thin hair 2022 looks voluminous if the hair roots are significantly darker than the ends.

Pixie in Shades of Red

Red hair looks more voluminous if you have bright features.


This hairstyle emphasizes the line of the cheekbones, hiding a high chin.

Beanie has numerous variations. It can be with and without bangs, asymmetric, with a smooth transition.

From celebrities, this hairstyle is preferred by Keira Knightley.


This hairstyle is recognizable by the smooth, slightly rounded inward hair at the face and volume in the back of the head. With a Sassoon haircut, the hair is cut in thin layers from the back of the head, with each layer overlapping with the next.

All cuts are made at a certain angle, due to which the hair ends themselves bend inward and do not need additional styling.

The Sassoon haircut is practically the same along the entire length. From the outside, it looks like a hat – the hairstyle seems to envelop the head. This rounded shape provides natural volume.

Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair 2022

This is stylish hairstyle is easy to style.

Bob has strict lines, a sharp cut, and clear proportions. Thin hair gains incredible volume of short hair on the back of the head is arranged in the form of a round pot, and the hair at the face is let down to the shoulders.

In a bob haircut, the volume is concentrated in the temporal and occipital zones. Thanks to this feature, the hair looks thick and dense.

Long Bob with Balayage

Cutting in layers already adds volume to the hairstyle, and the play of shades enhances this effect.

Long Bob with Platinum Balayage

The lightest shades of shimmering ash to platinum add visual volume to hair.

Torn Bob with Ombre

Shorter strands serve as props for longer ones, and your bob becomes more voluminous. The lightened ends add extra volume to short haircuts for thin hair 2022.

2022 Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair: Mini Bob

Slightly shorter than the classic, this bob adds volume to your hair with textured strands.

Fleece on the Back of the Head

If your hair is long enough, this is the easiest way to transform your bob into a chic, voluminous hairstyle!

Side Parting with Bleached Ends

A stylish version of bob haircuts for fine hair 2022: the main thing is to ruffle!

Gavroche for Thin Hair

An original hairstyle for those who want to show a rebellious spirit.

Gavroche is one of the best solutions for fine hair. Long, pointed temples and volume at the crown will make your hair look thicker. And since all the strands in this hairstyle are thinned out, the texture will create extra volume.

Since such a haircut does not require special styling, it looks great with torn oblique bangs.

Rihanna and Victoria Beckham prefer this haircut.

Haircuts For Thin Long Hair 2022: Multi-Layered Haircut

A hairstyle that helps to reflect your personality.

In a multi-layered haircut, the tips can be chaotically scattered in different directions. This hairstyle organically fits into the images of both young ladies. This haircut will create a casual mess for an informal meeting, a neat business look, or a festive style.


Light and flirty haircut that will help you be in the center of attention.

These women’s haircut is somewhat alike a pixie, but the garçon is based on smooth graduated transitions. It enhances the facial features and highlights the thin neck.

Light asymmetry and artistic disorder, a tousled nape, torn edges, and oblique bangs – all this gives texture and volume to the hair.

Female Undercut

Extravagant haircut for a bold and catchy look typical for Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna.

The main features of the undercut are shaved temples and the back of the head, with long bangs. Sometimes hair is shortened only on one temple. Often, the shaved back of the head or temple is designed in the form of figures, drawings, or inscriptions.

Haircut for Fine Hair of Medium Length

Thin hair is very brittle, and at a medium length, it also quickly gets confused with other curls. The ideal haircut for them should be layered and multi-layered – such as a cascade or a long bob. On strands of medium length, such hairstyles seem voluminous.

And if the hair ends are split, asymmetric, or torn haircuts will be a great choice.


This versatile option will probably never go out of style.

In cascade haircuts for thin hair, transitions can be made at the temples or at the very tips.

Thin hair will revive and gain splendor in the famous multi-layered cascade.

This haircut is preferred by Jennifer Aniston.

Haircuts for Thin Straight Hair 2022: Classic Layers

The layered hairstyle has smooth transitions in length and a strict stepping of the strands on the face. All strands have a smooth, gradually falling effect. The back of the hair can be straight or rounded.

The classic version of the hairstyle most often goes without bangs, but it can also be with bangs. Parting is done straight, oblique, or lateral.

Voluminous Shaggy

A sloppy haircut that creates artistic clutter on the head.

The significant features of the shaggy are messy and loose hair. The basis of the hairstyle is the lack of straight ends. To achieve this effect, the hairstylist uses thinning, shortens the upper strands, and makes the ends torn.

No two shaggy haircuts are alike. At different lengths, hair structure, with different face shapes, it will look different.

A Shaggy haircut is a great option for thin hair. Layering and carelessness give volume to the hair.

Asymmetrical Styling in Silver Tone

A great way to make the impression of thick hair is to cut half very short and put the other on one side.

Shaved Head

Our thinnest hair grows at the back of the head. Shaving them off and leaving torn strands on the top of your head will help you achieve the desired effect.

Complete Asymmetry

From shaved areas to long strands: Surprisingly, this mess looks both stylish and voluminous.

Bright Shades

The brighter the tone, the thicker the hair looks.

Highlighted Tips

A bright accent on the hair roots has the effect of visually increasing the volume of the entire hairstyle.

Straight Bangs to Eyebrows in Light Tone

This retro hairstyle is back in vogue and its volumizing effect is hard to overestimate.

Shoulder-Length Lightening

Classic length, straight cut – in fact, such a haircut looks strict, but it is effective only on thin hair!

Layers and Curls

By slightly curling the strands, you will double the volume of your haircut!

Long Bangs in Light Tone

You can easily get the effect of thick hair if you comb it forward.

Short-Cropped Nape with Long Bangs

You can wear it naturally or learn how to weave a braid like this: a sensation is guaranteed!

Smooth Styling with Parting

Smoothing your hair on purpose will help to look stricter.

Mini Braids

By braiding a few strands into pigtails, especially under the top layer of hair, you will successfully create the illusion of a shock.

Spiral Asymmetry

Curl the front part in a spiral, this visually lengthens the hair, and it appears thicker.

Knot at the Crown

Gather the top strands into a voluminous knot and accentuate with a hair clip.

Ragged Ends with Balayage

The greater the difference between the length of the strands, the more voluminous the hairstyle. Add some balayage and the result will be fantastic.

Black Accents

If you are a brunette, darkening some strands to almost black will add visual volume to your hair.

Knot at the Forehead

Gathering bangs in a perky bun-knot right at the hairline, you simply remove the question of density: smooth hairstyles are salvation!

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