Top 29 Absolutely Fabulous Men’s Hairstyles 2024

Short Haircuts

This year, bold, yet classic options for men’s hairstyles 2024 are especially popular. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time on styling because the hairstyle should be natural. All options look stylish and brutal.

Fashion for men’s haircuts is as diverse as women’s. Men participate in fashion shows, showing hairstyles for long and short hair, in ponytails, and with hairpins. They choose their own milled or thick bangs and worry about the styling.

29 Absolutely Fabulous Men's Hairstyles 2024

Even finding the perfect one for it is not easy. It is necessary to take into account many nuances – whether it is in fashion, whether it suits the shape of the face and the type of hair, as well as the individual style. It is also important what trends are now and what haircuts can be done for different hair lengths.

We will tell you how to choose the perfect option for yourself based on the latest trends. For our selection, we have found the most exclusive trends in hairdressing, with which every man can look luxurious.

French designer Marcel Rochas knows how to save even the unruliest hair. If you wake up and your hairstyle has acquired one clear direction, then simply style it with a comb on one side.

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Men's Haircut Trends 2024: Asymmetrical Parting

Remember that with such styling, you can visually reduce the face, but the main thing is not to overdo it with creating volume, otherwise, the completely opposite result will appear.

Men’s Haircuts 2024 with Bangs

It seems that all designers have their own vision of bangs.

It is important to understand all the strengths and weaknesses of your face here since the main task of the bangs is to make the features more proportional and add variety to the image.

Men's Haircuts 2024 with Bangs

Styled Back Hair

Natural blond, cool color and styled back hair.

The haircut is perfect for men with high cheekbones because the curls combed with a wet effect will visually highlight all the pronounced lines on the face.

Men's Haircuts 2024 with Bangs

Bundle at the Back of the Head

Many people associate the original and masculine version with samurai and hipsters, but still, such a haircut looks fresh and unusual.

The only drawback is that shaved whiskey is not suitable for everyone, and the bunch itself will ruin people with large facial features.

Men's Haircuts 2024

Wavy Strands

Perfect wavy hair is simple to create – you just need to apply styling gel to wet strands and after drying you will get light and airy curls.

Men's Haircuts 2024

Men’s Haircut Styles 2024 for Short Hair

Short haircuts have long been a classic for men of all ages. It is difficult to say to whom such options are absolutely unsuitable, but it is still important to remember some of the nuances.

The main thing is that a haircut should fit into your daily life because for a modern person it is important to feel comfortable in any situation.

In this selection, we have collected the most popular and relevant haircuts for short hair, which are suitable for confident and stylish men.

Men's Haircut Styles 2024 for Short Hair


The main feature of the undercut is the absence of any smooth transition between long and short hair.

The haircut will work best on men with thick and straight hair because curly hair is more difficult to style. The undercard has many different options, the appropriate length and technique are chosen based on the external and individual characteristics of the client.

Men's Haircut Styles 2024 for Short Hair

Men’s Haircuts 2024: Box

A versatile haircut for those who value comfort, like David Beckham, and Justin Bieber.

This option is distinguished by its restraint and practicality because it does not require special care and everyday styling.

A boxing haircut is suitable for men with an oval and rectangular head shape, as sharp corners sharpen the lines on the face a little due to short hair.

Men's Haircuts 2024: Box


Unlike classic Box haircut, the haircut is devoid of sharp transitions in length. Here you can show your imagination and choose the perfect option according to your personal preferences.

Ideal for men with thick and straight hair, because the difference will be striking for thinning men. The half-box also smoothes out too sharp outlines of a square face and helps to draw out an oval.

But at the same time, men with a triangular shape should refuse a haircut, so as not to enlarge the upper part of the head.

Men's Haircuts 2024: Box

Hitler Youth

If you want to open up your face and get the most austere look, the Hitler Youth is best suited for this effect.

Looks best on men and young people with lean builds and delicate features. Those with a round face and noticeable cheeks are better off avoiding the Hitler Youth because then their face will appear even wider.

Men's Haircuts 2024: Box


Today Canadian is considered to be one of the most versatile haircuts. It represents the shortened hair on the back of the head and temples with a characteristic sharp transition.

According to stylists, this haircut is completely universal and can be worn by people with different face shapes, hair types, professions, and characters.

Men's Haircuts 2024: Box

Trendy Men’s Haircuts 2024: Hedgehog

Despite its versatility, this haircut may not suit romantic and creative types of men. When choosing, take a closer look at the shape of your head, and how symmetrical your facial features are.

The Hedgehog is ideal for men with coarse, straight hair, a round or oval face, and an athletic build.

Trendy Men's Haircuts 2024: Hedgehog


It is the shortest possible length of hair over the entire head, which is why it practically does not need care and styling.

Trendy Men's Haircuts 2024: Hedgehog

Men appreciate it for its simplicity, so people with an active lifestyle should take a closer look at a haircut.

Trendy Men's Haircuts 2024: Hedgehog

The haircut looks best on young guys since it clearly does not fit the status of a family man and a businessman. It should be chosen by men with coarse and straight hair because otherwise, they will have to be constantly straightened and styled.

A haircut will visually stretch and narrow the face, so it’s better for narrow rectangular faces to refuse such a bright choice.

Men's Haircut Trends 2024: Mohawk


Tennis is a haircut with a short length at the back of the head and temples, but with longer strands at the crown and crown. Despite the obvious difference, the transition is almost invisible, and the hair is set up on top and slightly combed back.

If you are looking for the most versatile and suitable haircut option, it is better to opt for tennis.

Men with a round shape should choose a voluminous crown, with an oval face – leave a medium length, and with a diamond-shaped and triangular one should take tennis with a small bang.

Men's Haircut Trends 2024 Tennis


The haircut combines short temples and a long top that smoothly goes into the line of the bangs. It is important to create a difference in the length of the side hair and the crown.

Such a haircut requires constant styling and careful care, so it should not be chosen by those who are not ready to spend time creating the desired effect.

Men's Haircut Trends 2024 Pompadour


The Caesar is characterized by well-defined short bangs and a neat transition to the main length of the hair. The gradation should be chosen individually, but the basic principle is a completely shaved back of the head with a hairline to the earlobes.

Looks great on men with any hair density and face shape, as well as any age.

Caesar hair trends men 2024

Men’s Haircut Styles 2024: Fade

The main feature of the haircut is in its smooth lines and clearly defined edging.

In addition to the neat and masculine look, fade is a very convenient and practical option, because it will remain in perfect condition for 2-3 weeks.

Men's Haircut Styles 2024: Fade

Low Fade

The transition from long to short hair begins at the back of the head. The end result looks like a drop that wraps around the ear and flows down the neck.

Men's Haircut Styles 2024: Fade

Medium Fade

This haircut differs from a low fade in that it starts in the middle above the ears. It is not such a serious and conservative option, so it is much easier to stack it.

Men's Haircut Styles 2024: Fade

High Fade

A haircut is perfect for those men who want to cut their hair on the sides and leave the length on top. The transition line takes a total of 5 centimeters.

Men's Haircut Styles 2024: Fade

Shaved Fade

First, we start shaving the hair on the back of the head and temples and then move on to the hair on the crown. Due to this, a sharp contrast is obtained, ideal for courageous and self-confident men.

Shaved Fade 2024

Men’s Hairstyles 2024 for Medium Hair

For many trendy men’s haircuts, the medium length is still the most relevant. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom go with a medium bob haircut.

Medium-length options for haircuts are with a long crown or bangs, as well as those hairstyles that reach the chin or shoulder line. The length and shape are selected individually for each, but there are many different and interesting options at your disposal.

We suggest you look at stylish men’s haircuts 2024 for medium hair from our selection.

Men's Hairstyles 2024 for Medium Hair

Bob Haircut for Men 2024

For a bob for medium hair, the volume goes to the crown. The front strands are usually shortened. The strands at the back do not need to be shortened, because they make the haircut lush and harmonious.

Ideal for men with straight and thick hair. The bob also adds volume to the sides, so men with a round face should discard it.

Bob Haircut for Men 2024

Graduated Bob

When performing a graduated bob, it is important to focus on the length near the earlobe. All lines remain natural and smooth, so the haircut looks light and careless.

This bob looks great on men with an oval and rectangular face shape, and for a triangular type, it is better to add oblique bangs to your image. The haircut is not suitable for guys with wavy hair.

Bob Haircut for Men 2024


It is characterized by a contrast between short side hair and long strands in the crown of the head. Everyone chooses their own individual length, but the difference between the areas should be obvious.

Bob Haircut for Men 2024


It differs in volume in the parietal zone and a short transition in the region of the temples and occiput.

That being said, you can modify this classic haircut, because today you can try completely different options.

Bob Haircut for Men 2024


When cutting, each strand is slightly pulled back and cut randomly. Thanks to this, the hairstyle takes on a slightly sloppy look.

Ideal for men with fine hair, because this technique gives you the desired volume. If you have an asymmetrical face, shaggy can smooth out facial features.

Haircut for Men 2024 shaggy

Fox Hawk

We can say that this is a simplified version of the mohawk, where the sides remain in place, but at the same time rise upward.

Like a mohawk, the haircut is relevant for people with an active lifestyle. There are no restrictions on the type of face, but it is better not to choose it for a man with curly hair.

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