Top 18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024 To Try This Year

Medium Hairstyles

If your soul requires changes, opt for red hairstyles 2024 as this is a bold enough color to experiment with.

There is a lot of talk around this shade, and many stereotypically believe that red is only red. In fact, now there is just an amazing number of shades of this color, from bright and saturated scarlet to dark burgundy.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2022

So, now you can choose the right shade particularly for you.

Who is Red Hairstyles 2024 Suitable for?

Redhead hairstyles will definitely attract a lot of attention, so it is best suited for girls and women with bold character who are not afraid of changes. But still, this color is not suitable for everyone.

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Red haircuts 2024 will look most organically on ladies with a winter face color type. Red accentuates fair skin and sets off blue, green, or hazel eyes.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Representatives of a warm color type will look original in a shade with a golden undertone, and a cold one with raspberry or burgundy.

However, those with such skin features as redness, pink, and too yellow undertones of the face skin should avoid red hair.

Shades of Red Hair 2024


This color is suitable for women with dark skin and dark eyes. To achieve a beautiful shade, it is necessary to correctly combine red with brown.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024


For lovers of more natural tones, stylists advise choosing a shade of mahogany. It is a color between burgundy, red and brown and has shades such as red and brown.

It looks almost natural because there is such paint in nature! However, makeup artists do not recommend this tone for girls with very pale skin: fine wrinkles, pimples, and other imperfections will be visible on it. But for swarthy beauties, this color is perfect.

With the right combination, you can achieve the desired result.

Mahogany is also great for older women, as this color can paint over gray hair. With the right shade for a woman’s specific appearance, there will not be any strange effect, but, on the contrary, the complexion will even out and wrinkles will be smoothed out.

When deciding to dye your hair in this shade, you should pay attention to the natural color. For example, black or dark blond hair will get a chestnut tint, but light hair will get red. Therefore, it is worth lightening in advance.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Fiery Red

Only impulsive and courageous girls can decide on the fiery scale of red. It can be just a few strands, or, conversely, completely dyed red hair.

The dyeing procedure, in any case, is quite complicated because, in order to achieve such a shade, you must first prepare the hair. This will require the services of a master for lighting, and then toning.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Dark Red Hairstyles 2024

If you do not want to look too catchy, but at the same time want to radically change something, then we advise you to paint in dark red. It’s a muted shade and won’t look like a rock star. At the same time, your appearance will change dramatically: even makeup for red hair needs to be matched accordingly!

The dark red color is more restrained than its bright tones. This shade is suitable for dark-haired women with dark skin with an olive undertone. But this color with a purple sheen will suit women with pale skin and light eyes. And if you add coloring or a few fiery red strands, you can achieve an exclusive shade.

This shade is popular with Hollywood celebrities. Some celebrities to dye their hair red were Megan Fox, Rihanna, and Kristen Stewart.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Red Ombre Hairstyles 2024

Ombre coloring is another reason to experiment with bright hues. We do not recommend doing this on your own, since you can make mistakes in this coloring.

Whereas, with a colorist, you will not only choose the right tone but also realize all your wishes.

The advantage of this coloring is that you can give any tone to the hair, or even several at the same time. Gradient coloring from the brightest red tone to almost reddish, or highlighting interspersed with the brightest strands, will not leave anyone indifferent.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Black and Red Ombre Hairstyles 2024

Beautiful radical blacks and red hair tips are the perfect hairstyles for the vamp look. Such an unusual way of staining is suitable for both a young lady and a mature woman. Adult ladies may well enliven their image by painting individual strands in a bright red or burgundy shade.

Young girls who prefer individuality and want to be different from others catching an eye, most often, choose a contrasting coloring of only the ends in red or fuchsia. A short bob haircut with separate red strands will look good.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Blond and Red Ombre Hairstyles 2024

Blond hair with red ends is a good way to transform yourself if you are naturally blonde.

Some girls can specifically lighten the hair to almost whiteness and then paint the ends or strands in bright red.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Red Hairstyles 2024 For A Fair-Haired Girl

Girls who are not used to coloring can slightly change their image by coloring the tips in a bright red or muted burgundy color. At the same time, the rest of the hair will remain untouched by the paint.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Medium-Length Red Hairstyles

You can also dye your hair red if you have a medium-length haircut. For instance, if you have a shoulder-length bob, try dyeing your head bright red.

If you want the strands to have volume without styling, you can give them visual volume by just doing an ombre or balayage coloring, or paint over the strands with slightly different tones.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Long Red Hairstyles

Most often, red dye is chosen by ladies with medium and long hair, which allows you to experiment with hairstyles. You can make a lot of stylish options for red hair, luxurious waves, gathered hair, bundles, and even the simplest half-up look attractive.

The red coloring is chosen by very brave women; therefore, they want to get a more creative hairstyle. In this case, weaving is suitable or bright afros are made.

If you dream of becoming the highlight of any company, you can safely choose red coloring. It suits many women, but it is better to first consult with the colorist and get advice on the shade of red for your color type.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Curly Red Hairstyles

The owner of red curls will always look bright and unforgettable.

However, when choosing an option for fashionable curly hairstyles, you need to take into account the structure of the curls, which can be light red waves hair or small springs.

The length of the hair is also important since it is better for plump ladies to avoid too short haircuts for red curly hair.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Coloring Ideas for Red Haircuts 2024

A stylish haircut will accentuate the red hair color and make you look even more effective.


A stylish bob will gracefully accentuate red strands on medium hair.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024


Do you have short hair and decided to add a charm to it? Choose a pixie for your red hair!

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024


Another short haircut option for red hair. We assure you that after that all men will be astonished!

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Long Bob

If you have hair below your shoulders, then this hairstyle is perfect for you! And the red curls will lie especially beautifully on the graduated strands.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024


The perfect hairstyle for long hair: red waves that fall beautifully over the shoulders!

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

How to Care for Red Hair

Correct and thorough care should become a constant habit for those ladies who have decided on red hair. Even persistent paint tends to wash out and fade after a certain time, and red in particular.

18 Exciting Red Hairstyles 2024

Girls who tend to change their hair color often or, conversely, are conservative in terms of experimenting with their appearance, should abandon the idea of dyeing their hair red, since it is quite difficult to remove it.

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