Cute Hairstyles for Girls 2024: Top 13 Cool Options

Medium Hairstyles

Today, hairstyles for girls 2024 are as popular as the ones for women. Each mother tries to make a beautiful image for her girl for an event or celebration, and most importantly, that the hairstyle matches the outfit.

The most fashionable hairstyles for girls are presented in different options with different hair lengths, you can experiment and create spectacular and chic styling. Buns and various braids are especially popular.

Headbands, ribbons, elastic bands, and hairpins are used as accessories.

Cute Hairstyles for Girls 2024: Top 13 Cool Options

It is not even necessary to have any experience to create cute hairstyles for girls 2024. Just pay attention that the hairstyles are comfortable and do not cause discomfort, so that the girl can actively move and play on her birthday, on the new year, and on other holidays.

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Here we bring to your attention a cool selection of interesting ideas and hairstyle options for girls for every taste. Our options will help you make a choice by coming up with an image for a school ball, graduation in kindergarten, and any other event.

Illustrative examples and tips on creating children’s hairstyles will help mothers learn how to style the hair of a girl beautifully and easily.

Girls’ Hairstyles 2024 for Kindergarten

Try to avoid doing a very complex hairstyle with braiding, as in most cases, girls remove rubber bands and hairpins from their hair before going to bed in the kindergarten.

Girls’ Hairstyles 2024 for Kindergarten

The most popular hairstyles for girls in kindergarten have always been ponytails, which look cute on the hair of any length. You can make stylish buns from ponytails or braid pigtails.

You can also try a variety of girls’ hairstyles 2024 with original weaves.

School Hairstyles for Girls 2024

At school age, the girls already pay more attention to stylish hairstyles, in order to show off among their friends.

There are quite a lot of ideas of cute hairstyles for girls 2024 for school, you can easily come up with a new hairstyle and give your girl a new look for each day.

Beautiful braids, charming pigtails, an unusual parting, ponytails with weave, a classic spikelet and two high ponytails are perfect hairstyles for girls 2024 for school.

No styling products are needed. If the hair is difficult to work with, moisten the strands with water and the hairstyle will look neat.

School Hairstyles for Girls 2024

Girls’ Hairstyles 2024 for The Holiday

If we talk about the smallest ones, even the most ordinary hairstyle with ponytails will already be elegant for them if decorated with colorful bows and hairpins.

For older girls, you will have to come up with more original ideas. Loose and gathered hair can be quite suitable.

Traditional or braided half-up, one-sided braid, original weave, trendy bow, and cute braids with woven ribbons are relevant options of girls’ hairstyles 2024 perfect for festive occasions.

It is not at all necessary to go to a hairstylist to make an elegant hairstyle for a girl. Watch a video with step-by-step instructions and try to repeat it.

Girls’ Hairstyles 2024 for The Holiday

Two Buns

Actual horns are suitable not only for little girls, but also for older ones. You don’t have to spend a lot of time styling, and the image will turn out to be cute and delicate.

With such a hairstyle, you can attend themed holidays and school events. Long and medium hair is suitable here; for long hair, the work will be done more beautifully and faster.

To decorate the styling, two buns must be made with hairpins, thin and thick elastic bands, a comb, a hair-fixing agent, such as varnish.

Two Buns hairstyles-for-girls-2024

Openwork Braids

When selecting a voguish hairstyle for a girl, braids cannot be ignored. They simply amaze with their diversity and their originality of designs.

With the help of openwork braids, you can make the image individual and unique, and they will look beautiful and effective. The shape of the braids should be chosen in accordance with the type of face.

They will look luxurious with and without bangs. Hairstyles for girls 2024 allow you to be inspired by a beautiful makeover.

The basis of weaving can be to emphasize any advantages, perhaps you want to make a lace braid with bold strands or, on the contrary, a sophisticated smooth one.

If you weave an openwork braid from bangs, this will allow you to make a beautiful hairstyle, the image will be exquisite, and the girl will definitely like it.

Openwork Braids 2024 girles hairstyles 2022

Braids Around the Head

It is very fashionable to braid around the head. The braiding is done neatly so that the styling looks solemn.

First, the hair is thoroughly washed and dried, then you divide it into two equal parts in a straight parting. The strands that are located above the ear are divided into equal three parts and weaving begins.

On each side, you need to add a few curls and continue weaving towards the back of the head. Similarly, it is necessary to make weaving from the opposite side.

Braids Around the Head 2024

Fishtail Braids

This trendy and beautiful hairstyle will suit a girl even in her daily routine. First, you need to tie a tail on the crown of the head, then divide the hair into three parts.

Those that are located on the sides are thin, and the strand should be thick in the center. The side strands must be placed on the central strand to form a cross.

On each side, it is necessary to select strands and lay them along the central part. As a result, the braid turns out to be symmetrical, and the braiding is performed from free hair, starting from the temporal zone.

There are a number of pretty ways to design this styling.

Fishtail Braids 2024

Cute Hairstyles for Girls 2024 with A Bow

For schoolgirls, you can create a variety of festive hairstyles. Today, the bow hairstyle is no less popular. This is a great option for medium hair lengths. A hair bow can be styled in a variety of ways.

The hair must be neatly combed, while the girl must bend over a little so that the curls fall down. At the back of the head, three strands are taken, picked up for weaving a French braid.

After that, it is necessary to tie the tail so that a French braid is woven to the back of the head. The elastic is closed, and a loop is made, and the curls are not completely pulled out.

This loop is divided into two equal parts, and the hair remaining from the tail must be wrapped in the middle in order to form a bow. At the bottom, this bow is attached to the hairpins. With this hairstyle, girls can show off at any festive event.

You can make two weaves in the front, dividing them with a right parting in the middle. Then collect them in a ponytail and create a bow similar to the previous styling method.

Cute Hairstyles for Girls 2024 with A Bow

Dragon Braids

This versatile option is suitable for both younger kids and teenage girls. This year, they are also included in modern and fashion trends.

This is an opportunity to show your creativity.

The weaving technique allows you to weave beautiful braids for both primary school students and high school students, while the weaving can be French or inverted, and the number and thickness of the strands do not really matter.

Teenage girls most often prefer just styling; you can diversify it in different ways of weaving.

Speaking of hairstyles with the addition of braiding for older girls, it should be noted that here you can already see less bright hairpins in the styling, like in little fashionistas. Here there is more and more freedom in style, a certain carelessness and, at the same time, simplicity.

Cute Hairstyles for Girls 2024

Beautiful Curls

Every year, girls’ hairstyles are improved and new interpretations appear.

The most common holiday and the long-awaited event is graduation. Curls are really relevant in this case.

They help to create an image that is unique and gentle. This is what the child needs at this important moment.


Short Hairstyles for Girls 2024

A short bob with or without bangs will look very nice for little girls, even if the hair is a little curly.

For older girls and teenagers, you can opt for asymmetrical short hairstyles for girls 2024. An asymmetrical bob looks very pretty and stylish.

Styling short hair is so easy, and if you need to make it more festive, the hair can be twisted and supplemented with beautiful accessories, such as hairpins, headbands, etc. They will immediately make the hairstyle more individual.

Short Hairstyles for Girls 2024

Girls’ Hairstyles 2024 for Medium Length

Here, all the options can be suitable for all girls, without exception.

  • For girls with medium hair length, you can choose from the following options:
  • a playful cascade with or without bangs will give lightness and add volume to thin hair;
  • a classy bob with straight bangs or graduations is an excellent option for a joint hairstyle for mom and daughter;
  • original variations of asymmetrical hairstyles look ideal.

All the options look stylish and elegant, even without much styling.

Girls’ Hairstyles 2024 for Medium Length

Long Hairstyles for Girls 2024

Long hair is already gorgeous. Girls with long hair are really lucky. Here you can experiment.

The easiest haircut option for a girl with long hair, which can be done at home, is a simple even haircut, where the hair needs to be trimmed to the same length. Straight bangs look good with this haircut.

If you want to add originality to the haircut, you can apply stepped graduation in front of a cascade, which will frame the girl’s face and thereby emphasize the length of the hair.

Long Hairstyles for Girls 2024

A cascading haircut for a girl is also interesting. With its help, you can add volume to thin hair and make a neat haircut for very thick hair.

A new trend this season is thick, voluminous bangs that will complement any haircut for long hair.

The hairstyle is selected according to the hair structure and length; you can choose the hairstyle that will look good.

Most often, the image is matched to the dress, so that there is a festivity, suitable accessories are added.

French braids, neat strands can all be used to create fashionable hairstyles suitable for girls of any age. Ribbons, which can be woven into the ancient Greek image of the goddess, are gaining immense popularity.

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