Men’s Short Hairstyles 2024: Top 18 Absolutely Voguish Options

Short Haircuts

Modern men are not afraid to express themselves with men’s short hairstyles 2024. They keep track of which haircuts for short hair are in vogue in 2024 and who they are suitable for. Our selection of men’s haircut trends 2024 will help you choose the right hairstyle by age, hair type, face shape.

Trendy men’s short haircuts 2024 are able to brightly and expressively emphasize the character of a man, add masculinity or romance to an image, and give brutality and seductiveness to a man’s style.

Men's Short Hairstyles 2024: Top 18 Absolutely Voguish Options

Until recently, the hairstyles of the younger generation were distinguished by impudence, brightness, and provocation. Today it is a trend for all ages.

Sharp length transitions, shaved temples and long hair on the crown, shaved partings, intricate styling can be seen even on men of higher status in business suits.

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From our huge variety of fashionable haircuts, every man will be able to choose the one that suits him. And an experienced barber, even in the most standard version, will be able to add a bright touch that will make the image memorable.


Modern variations on the classic male pompadour haircut are more numerous than ever. More and more men continue to experiment with the pompadour, creating unique and highly attractive hairstyles.

Men's Short Hairstyles 2024: Pompadour

Long strands require constant styling and care, so when choosing similar short hairstyles for men 2024, do not be lazy to bring your hair to the desired state.

Depending on the version of the male pompadour haircut, the hair is combed back, to the top, or to the side.

Boxing and Semi-Boxing

Men’s short haircuts 2024 will always be the favorite of many gentlemen. In addition to the shortest military haircuts, which assume the same length of hair all over the head, the most popular are boxing and semi-boxing.

The versatility and practicality of these haircuts have been proven for more than one season, moreover, the haircut helps to emphasize the best features of the male face.

Boxing and Semi-Boxing-short-hairstyles-for-men-2024


Shaving on the back of the head or temporal part of the head can be an effective addition to a fashionable men’s haircut. We are talking about the hair tattoo trend – shaving a drawing or a pattern.

It is better to entrust the making of fashionable men’s haircuts-tattoos to an experienced master who will do neat and accurate work, the slightest mistake can ruin the hairstyle.



Very short hair on the back of the head and temples and very long strands on the crown. Long strands are combed back or laid on their side.

It is not suitable for men who categorically do not want to take care of their hair.


Short Bob

Here the length is preserved. At the back, the strands are cascaded to increase the volume of the hair at the crown. Such a haircut – with a slight touch of extravagance – is suitable for everyone. Requires styling and frequent washing of hair.

Short Bob-short-hairstyles-for-men-2024


It differs from the semi-box haircut by a smooth, imperceptible transition from short hair at the temples to longer hair at the crown. It creates a classic look without unnecessary extravagance.

A man of any age with thick hair may try this out. It will go with any face shape. The clothing style is classic or casual.



The most common sports haircut. The back of the head and temples are cropped short,  there are long strands on the crown. Possible bangs may fit on the side. Hedgehog, beaver, square – all this is a kind of tennis.

This is suitable for everyone, from boys to grandfathers, business people and athletes.


A Bowl Cut

This is an absolutely simple and easy way to style the hair. It may not be ideal for every man, but it features short hair on the sides and one even, long length on top to create a look similar to a bowl.

When cut and styled properly, the bowl hairstyle for men works well for both professional and social surroundings.

A Bowl Cut-mens-hairstyles-2024


It differs from other hairstyles with a short, even bang. Temples and nape are short; hair is longer in the upper part.

This is suitable for boys and men of all ages with an oval face.

It is not recommended for guys with very large facial features.



In the trends of men’s short hairstyles 2024, a mohawk-style haircut remains. Despite a certain outlandishness and informal style, the hairstyle has very attractive design ideas, among which you can find very restrained and creative options.

It is not at all necessary to lay the mohawk with protruding spikes and shave the sides.

A mohawk with curly hair looks very beautiful. Unlike other styles of the mohawk, this haircut does not have the sides shaved but rather trimmed with scissors to a length of about half an inch.



A classic men’s haircut with contrasting, long bangs, combed back or tufted. Similar to Elvis Presley’s hairstyle, but more adapted to life.

More suitable for young people, the hair density and structure do not matter.

Those who are not ready to do styling had better avoid doing this hairstyle.



The haircut is done for long enough hair. It is distinguished by a voluminous crown, long bangs – without sharp transitions in length, and an overall careless look.

Young guys, older romantics, should obviously try this.

However, it is a difficult haircut for thin and very coarse hair.



The highlight of this bold, creative haircut is in a sharp transition from very short to long hair. Can be done even on medium to long hair. This haircut has many creative options: asymmetrical, with one shaved temple, punk.

This is among the best David Beckham hairstyles. It is a great variant for bold modern men of medium build with oval or round faces and thick hair.

Men with a very large physique, a pointed triangular face are better to avoid it.



Finding the perfect hairstyle for some men can seem like a daunting task, especially if you want to express your personality as effectively as possible. In fact, simple hair dyeing can perfectly highlight the masculine style, and most importantly, this method is very popular now.

Bleached ends, copper-brown strands, dark blond, grays, and natural browns are the most popular in men’s hair color. The most daring and creative guys are ready to dye their hair green, yellow, and even blue.



Short (up to 4 cm) haircut with a smooth transition from short temples to a slightly longer back of the head or with the same hair length all over the head. There are longer options, for which the hedgehog is rather a way of laying in the form of separate prickly strands.

This haircut does not correct the features of the appearance, therefore it is more suitable for men with the correct shape of the skull and a beautiful face contour. Perfectly matches sports and street style.

It is not suitable for too fat and too thin men. The long version will not work on thin hair.



Fade is a way of cutting with smooth, velvet transitions between sections with different lengths. In this technique, you can make a semi-box or a Canadian. Requires the skill of a barber. To maintain the look of your hair, you have to visit the salon every week.

This versatile haircut has options that suit different face types and clothing styles. Looks especially impressive on dark hair.



The side parting is a trendy technique in short hairstyles for men 2024. It is most often found in the undercut.

Parting gives a man’s hairstyle elegance and expression, allowing you to experiment with the length of the hair in the divided sections.



A practical haircut that is performed only on short hair. The military options also include boxing and hedgehog.


This is suitable for men of any age with a beautiful head shape. It goes especially well with an athletic figure and sporty style of clothing, with a military uniform.

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