Best 15 Most Charming Shag Haircuts 2022

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The shag style has gone through a whole story before it became popular again in shag haircuts 2022. In the 70s, it was liked by celebrities. The shaggy look has changed a lot now. It is available with different hair lengths and structures.

And the chaotically arranged ends and the effect of volume and density of hair after a haircut remain unchanged.

If you are ready to change your image, follow the most detailed and up-to-date information about shaggy. You will find out how this haircut looks on different lengths and types of hair, how to choose it to your face shape, and cut your bangs or not.

Best 15 Most Charming Shag Haircuts 2022

The peculiarity of the shaggy haircut is disheveled hair with tips sticking out in different directions. When creating such a haircut, the strands are cut chaotically, but be sure to pull back the curls.

Perhaps, oddness and eccentricity is the main difference between shaggy and haircuts, like a cascade.

We will show you how a shaggy haircut looks on women with any hair – regardless of its length, color, and structure, as well as give advice on choosing the perfect shaggy haircut for yourself.

Pros of A Shaggy Haircut:

  • thanks to the shaggy haircut, the hairstyle instantly gains volume, and the hair – visual density, which is especially important for women with thin hair;
  • there are no restrictions on the type of hair: both women with curly and straight hair can cut the shaggy style. In both cases, the haircut will look impressive;

  • this is a very unpretentious haircut that does not need special care. You will look great even after sleeping by simply ruffling your hair with your hands.

Best 15 Most Charming Shag Haircuts 2022

Cons of Shaggy Haircuts:

  • It should be borne in mind that a shaggy haircut is not quite what an office dress code suggests. A woman in a strict business suit holding an important position will look ridiculous with such a hairstyle and can make an ambiguous impression;
  • Shaggy may not suit women with a round face and chubby cheeks, as it visually expands the face.
  • The shaggy haircut is versatile. However, depending on the length and type of hair, the effect varies. The most magnificent version will be on short strands – while another version is considered classic – shag for medium length. This haircut appeared the very first – back in the 70s of the last century, and its long version became popular relatively recently.

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Shag Haircuts 2022 on Different Hair Lengths

If you want to radically change your image and give your hair maximum volume, short shaggy haircuts 2022 is what you need. This haircut will suit everyone except chubby ladies. For them, it will visually enlarge the cheeks and make the face wider.

Therefore, it is better for beauties with this shape to opt for medium shag haircuts 2022 with long front strands.

Also, shaggy for medium and long hair will look good on women with angular, clear lines of the face, which lacks tenderness in the image. The curled, voluminous strands will soften the corners of the jaw and mask the wide cheekbones.

Shag Haircuts 2022 on Different Hair Lengths

Short Shag Haircuts 2022

Shaggy is a haircut that will make your hair look voluminous. Since the strands are cut at different levels and are necessarily filleted, the curls look tousled. The front strands are usually longer, and the back of the head resembles a bob haircut.

The cutting technique is similar to the well-known cascade, but the cuts are made in a chaotic manner.

Shaggy short hair fit women with triangular-shaped faces. The lengthened front strands will add volume in the right places and correct the wide cheekbones and forehead. The lower part of the face will look more harmonious. But for beauties with a round face, it is better to refuse a short shaggy.

Short Shag Haircuts 2022

Medium Shag Haircuts 2022

Shaggy for medium hair is considered a classic option. Chaotic hair with certain nuances is really important here. The hair is cut at different levels without following a clear pattern. After that, the hair is necessarily milled so that the haircut has a careless, but complete look.

Shaggy in the average length is more versatile compared with the option for short hair, because there is less volume, and strands reach the line of the shoulders.

It will suit both women who want to visually stretch their faces and those who want to soften rough lines. Shaggy for medium hair will help ladies with a triangular face to create a balance between a narrow jaw, wide cheekbones, and a forehead.

Medium Shag Haircuts 2022

Long Shag Haircuts 2022

The length below the shoulders for shaggy is a mix of retro and modern styles. This is something unusual, but at the same time fashionable, because many celebrities opt for this particular option.

When choosing such a haircut, be ready for a radical change of image. The hairstylist will trim the strands at different levels to create volume and slight casualness, and then finish off the look with thinning. In this case, the main length will not change in any way, and the appearance will be transformed.

Shaggy long hair will look good on ladies with thick hair who want to emphasize natural dignity. It will also decorate women with an oval, round, or square silhouette, as it visually stretches the silhouette and slims it.

But for ladies with a large forehead and a rectangular face, it is better not to do shaggy for long hair in order to avoid emphasizing the flaws.

Long Shag Haircuts 2022

Shag Haircuts 2022 on Different Hair Types

The shaggy haircut can be combined with any type of hair. It is suitable for ladies with straight, wavy, and curly hair. However, since a haircut involves volume and carelessness, its most effective option is on curly hair.

And the most problematic is on very curly ones. For women with this type of hair, it will be difficult to achieve a controlled mess.

You will have to first straighten your hair and then style them randomly. Here, let’s see what a shaggy haircut looks like on different types of hair.

Shag Haircuts 2022 on Different Hair Types

Shaggy on Straight Hair

This is the best option for plump women and ladies with a round face, as it will not make you look fat, at the same time making the image interesting and airy. And if you add straight strands that frame your face, then you will visually become slimmer.

Brush dry your hair starting at the roots to achieve more volume.

You can also highlight some strands or twist them. Then the effect of negligence will be more pronounced.

This haircut is suitable for those who want some kind of minimal, but noticeable change in appearance.

Shaggy on Straight Hair 2022

Shaggy on Wavy Hair

This is the most convenient and effective version. Here, you do not have to style your hair, because nature has done everything for you. After shampooing, the strands will form S-shaped arcs, which will create volume and carelessness.

Wavy shaggy is a great choice for women with angular, heavy jawlines and a wide forehead. For example, for those who have a square, pear-shaped, triangular, or rectangular face shape.

Soft curls will smooth out rough features and add tenderness and femininity to your look.

Shaggy on Wavy Hair 2022

Shaggy on Curly Hair

Shaggy to curly hair is an option for a woman who needs to visually expand her face. Mischievous curls will slightly increase the silhouette of a long oval face and make the proportions more harmonious.

In the case of small, tight curls, it will be a little problematic to create a controlled mess.

To do this, you first need to stretch the curls with an iron and then make smoother curls. If you have soft curls, then shaggy will not create problems but will look very impressive, bold, and magnificent.

Shaggy on Curly Hair 2022

Shag Haircuts 2022 With and Without Bangs

Bangs in shaggy play an important role because it is this little nuance that is able to correct the face and hide flaws if any. For women with a perfect oval face shape, you can choose the option without bangs. But for beauties with a high forehead, wide cheekbones, or small pimples shaggy with bangs is a must-have.

So, let’s see how different options with and without bangs look on different women. In addition, you will find out which type of face is suitable for a short bang, and for which a long one, as well as who is better off not doing it.

Shag Haircuts 2022 With and Without Bangs

Shaggy with Short Bangs

Perhaps such an experiment as a short bang will look perfect only on women with an oval face shape. The bangs will make the chubby face even rounder. It’s the same with square and rectangular faces: you will only emphasize the flaws of the silhouette.

Shaggy with short bangs is also not suitable for women with wavy and curly hair, as it will be difficult to style. You definitely cannot do without repeated straightening with an iron.

Shaggy with Short Bangs 2022

Shaggy with Long Bangs

Shaggy with long bangs is a classic version. With the help of such a bang, you can visually correct your face. Long, asymmetrical bangs will make the round shape slimmer.

Long oblique or graduated bangs will smooth out the angular lines of square and rectangular faces.

Shaggy with Long Bangs 2022

Shag with Curtain Bangs

Shaggy with a curtain bang is suitable for a diamond-shaped silhouette, and a thick cascading version for a pear-shaped one.

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Shaggy without Bangs

If you do not need additional volume or the shape of your face does not need correction, you can do without bangs.

Shaggy without Bangs

This version of shaggy looks no worse. In addition, it will be much easier for women with curly hair: you save time that you do not have to spend on styling.

Round-faced women don’t have to cut their bangs, either. You can visually stretch the silhouette if you make the crown of the shaggy even more voluminous.

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