Top 25 Superb Balayage Hairstyles 2024

Long Hairstyles

Balayage hairstyles 2024 are at the peak of popularity. Hair dyeing using the balayage technique has been popular for several seasons in a row. Initially, this method appeared in the 70s in France.

In that era, thanks to the hippie movement, the boho style was especially popular. So, balayage is essentially associated with this beach tan.

Balayage gained real popularity only with the arrival of the 2010s. Over the past few years, almost all Hollywood beauties have tested this type of coloring on themselves – Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker.

25 Superb Balayage Hairstyles 2024

This technique can be applied to absolutely any haircut. And to make the choice as simple as possible, we have collected some unique ideas of what this coloring looks like on various haircuts.

Balayage Hair 2024: Techniques and Principles

Unlike highlighting, balayage dyeing does not use foil after the paint has been applied. The colorist applies the paint in light strokes, vertically, painting over only certain strands.

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As a rule, balayage should be as natural as possible, therefore, for lightening, stylists try to choose shades only a few tones lighter than the base.

Hair is divided into several parts before dyeing. The dye is usually applied from the ends to the base of the hair in a V-shape and does not extend a few cm to the roots.

In this case, the strands are stained with different intensities and different lengths. If you wish, you can, for example, lighten only the ends. There is also a basal variety of balayage and, for example, Brazilian – when the staining starts from the middle of the strands.

The palette for coloring is very diverse. Which color is right for you depends on the desired result and the characteristics of your appearance. On balayage brown hair 2024, you can easily create the natural effect of the transition of shades.

Balayage Hair 2024: Techniques and Principles

Balayage Hairstyles 2024 for Different Hair Lengths

Long hair is considered the most advantageous option for balayage – it gives much more room for creativity and imagination.

This type of coloring will also look stylish on a bob or beanie since the length still allows you to make vertical strokes and get spectacular light highlights. But on short hair, balayage is more difficult to perform.

It will no longer be so noticeable. In order for you to be able to choose a haircut for a new coloring, we have collected options for how balayage looks with different hair lengths.

25 Superb Balayage Hairstyles 2024

Balayage Short Hair 2024

Balayage can be done even if for some reason you did not want to acquire long hair and prefer short haircuts.

It is important to understand that the shorter your hair, the less noticeable the shade transitions will be.

Balayage Short Hair 2024

Balayage on Medium-Length Hair

Before proceeding with balayage, the stylist must make a haircut and only after that, divide the hair into zones and apply the tint to each strand in vertical movements.

The technique is complex, and in order for it to look impressive, the haircut must be chosen correctly.

Balayage medium Hair 2024

Balayage on Long Hair

Balayage looks the most natural on long hair. The technique depends on the desired effect.

As a rule, the hair is divided into several zones, after which it is colored with horizontal strokes, following the shape of the letter V.

25 Superb Balayage Hairstyles 2024 long hair

Balayage Hair Ideas 2024 with Different Hair Shades

Today, the balayage technique can be performed on almost any hair color, it all depends on how much time and money you are willing to spend on dyeing.

Balayage on blond hair is easier to do. And on dark strands, most likely, you will need professional help, since for a sharp change in the image and bright contrast they will have to be lightened.

Nevertheless, for brunettes, the option of soft balayage remains – coloring is only a few tones lighter. For example, in light chestnut, copper, and red shades. By the way, it is on dark hair that you can make the largest number of balayage options – from barely noticeable to very contrasting.

The most difficult task for the master will be the task of performing balayage in unusual colors – purple, pink, and others since such shades require thorough preliminary discoloration.

25 Superb Balayage Hairstyles 2024

Blonde Balayage 2024

On blonde hair, balayage is quite simple to do, in this case, there is the least chance of making a mistake with shades. The main thing is that the bulk of the hair is not very light – in this case, the transitions will not be noticeable.

The best base, in this case, is golden, wheat, caramel blonde shades. It will be easy for the master to achieve the natural effect of sun-bleached hair on them.

Blonde Balayage 2024

Ash Blonde Balayage 2024

Ash balayage is very similar to another trend of this year – mushroom blonde. Its main highlight is the addition of subtle undertones of brown and black to the palette.

This balayage is suitable for owners of cold and neutral skin and eye tones. It is better not to take risks with a warm undertone – the color will emphasize the imperfections of the skin on the face.

Blonde Balayage 2024

Light Blonde

If you want to achieve the effect of some of the most stylish women on the planet, take a look at this balayage option. When dyeing, the master selects several shades close to each other and alternately applies them to the hair.

Usually, light neutral tones are used that look good on natural blonde. On dark hair, this option will look too unnatural, as well as on women with dark skin. But there are no restrictions on the color of the eyes – light balayage will suit all beauties.

25 Superb Balayage Hairstyles 2024

Strawberry Blonde

A very beautiful shade with a touch of pink, gold, and copper. Color transitions look especially contrasting and fresh.

Suitable for women with the warm or neutral color of the skin and eyes. But for girls with a cold color type, a strawberry blond will add excessive contrast and emphasize the flaws in appearance.

Strawberry Blonde hairstyle 2024

Balayage Brown Hair 2024

Highlights on natural brown hair tend to look more contrasting than on blonde. Due to this, the hairstyle has a more pronounced volume. Staining usually does not affect the roots. But at the same time, special attention is paid to the elaboration of the tips.

Balayage Brown Hair 2024

Light Brown

Balayage on light brown hair will suit almost any – it will emphasize the sophistication of girls with a cold type and make bright beauties more spectacular.

Women's Hairstyles 2024 on the side

Medium Brown

The transitions in this color still seem natural, but more contrasting, which adds a certain chic.

Medium brown, in itself, is a rather universal shade. The main thing is to follow the rule: warm shades for warm, cold – for cold.

Balayage Brown Hair 2024

Dark Brown

The cold tones that are initially present in this color allow you to create a stylish and contrasting image when applying balayage.

It will add sophistication to women with a cold color type, but we advise bright girls to pay attention to warmer colors and shades.

Women's Hairstyles 2024 long hair

Golden Balayage Hair Ideas 2024

A golden blond is an eternal classic, a standard, from which they sometimes leave, but then always return. The glare from the balayage will highlight the gold on the hair, and it will sparkle with new colors.

Warm undertones are the perfect complement to gold.

Golden Balayage Hair Ideas 2024

Honey Shade and Balayage Hairstyles 2024

The star of the movie Pretty Woman Julia Roberts now has the perfect honey shade. On it, the lighter glare from balayage looks a little more contrasting than on other versions of the blonde, which means that it gives the hairstyle more volume.

A warm shade that will look especially advantageous on swarthy or tanned girls. It enhances the depth of brown and green eyes.

Golden Balayage Hair Ideas 2024


Many blondes dream of achieving the perfect cold platinum shade of hair, but not everyone succeeds. Platinum is a whimsical color that requires maintenance. But on the other hand, it is always in vogue.

Any redness, even the smallest, on a face with this shade will instantly catch your eye. Therefore, the option is only suitable for women with cold skin color.

Golden Balayage Hair Ideas 2024


This stylish option is one of the main trends of this season. It is somewhat reminiscent of an ashy blonde, but in beige, there is more sun – when dyeing, a mix of cold and warm shades is used. So, balayage on such hair will look quite contrasting.

A fairly universal shade, as it contains immediately cold and warm tones.

Top 25 Superb Balayage Hairstyles 2024


The wheat blond looks natural, and naturalness is now more than ever appreciated.

Since the color itself is warm, it will suit girls with warm skin tones. This shade emphasizes brown eyes very advantageously.

Balayage Hairstyles 2024

Balayage Hairstyles 2024 on Dark Hair

There are pros and cons to dyeing dark hair using the balayage technique.

The main advantage, on the one hand, is great opportunities for experimenting with shades, which allows you to create a unique image that is unlike anyone else.

On the other hand, dark hair is more difficult to work with, as it requires particularly careful lightening and, in some cases, preliminary rinsing. And after lightening individual strands, they should be additionally toned.

Golden Balayage Hair Ideas 2024


Balayage nut on the base of not so long ago on itself tried on one of the stars of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – Chloe. I must admit that the image turned out to be extremely effective.

Ideal for owners of a warm color type and especially dark-skinned girls. Creates a stylish contrast without overwhelming the look.

Golden Balayage Hair Ideas 2024

Light Chestnut

The warm undertone of this hair color literally illuminates the woman’s face, and with additional highlights from balayage, this effect only intensifies.

Women with warm skin tones will shine with coloration like a cut diamond.

Top 25 Superb Balayage Hairstyles 2024

Balayage Brown Hair 2024: Dark Chestnut

Olivia Palermo, one of the most fashionable girls on the planet, has a dark brown hair color, which she enhances using balayage dyeing. A very winning look for those who agree to look only luxurious and nothing else.

Depending on the shades used for dyeing, balayage for this hair color can be called universal.

Balayage Brown Hair 2024: Dark Chestnut

Balayage Hairstyles 2024 on Black Hair

On black hair, highlights of chestnut will be optimal. At the same time, too warm and light colors will not work.

Depending on the selected shades, you can choose a stylish look for a woman of any color type.

Balayage Hairstyles 2024 on Black Hair

Chocolate Shade

As a rule, this option looks good only on women with a warm color type. On fair-skinned girls, it will look too unnatural.

Balayage Brown Hair 2024: Dark Chestnut


Red-haired people can and should do balayage too. It all depends on the selected shade. However, on girls with a cold color type, this type of staining looks more natural.

Coppery red hairs 2024

Caramel Balayage

This versatile coloring will bring brightness and freshness to any look.

J. Lo has not changed balayage for the last few years, which turns her from a natural burning brunette to almost a blonde.

Balayage Brown Hair 2024: Dark Chestnut

Dark Red

Why not take a chance and dye the strands in a rich dark red? With this coloring, complex and deep shades are used on dark hair.

Since red itself has a fairly wide palette, anyone can find their own version. At the same time, do not forget that warm tones are used for a warm color type and cold tones for a cold one.

Balayage Brown Hair 2024: Dark Chestnut

Balayage Hairstyles 2024 with Unusual Shades

A few years ago, the color revolution began to take over the world. If earlier only creative personalities dyed their hair in bright shades, now even recognized style icons agree to experiments.

Balayage using bright colors is a rather laborious process. But the finished result will definitely delight you.

Balayage Hairstyles 2024 with Unusual Shades


Purple came into trend a few years ago. Now the trend has transformed into a version with balayage.

Bright purple will go well with a warm skin tone.

Balayage Brown Hair 2024: Dark Chestnut


The balayage with shades of blue and turquoise may look very organic.

Blue requires a dark base, so this option will not work for blondes. As for the color type, depending on the shade, this option can be called universal.

Balayage Hair 2024


Pink has been one of the most fashionable shades of coloring in the last couple of years. It usually requires a blonde as a base. As for the color type, everything will depend on the specific case.

The stylist will be able to choose warm shades of pink for a warm undertone, cold shades for a cold one.

Balayage Hair 2024



With dark hair and the correct use of shades, this type of coloring no longer seems crazy, but even stylish.

It all depends on the chosen shade. Green has a fairly wide color palette, which means, if you wish, you can definitely find your own version.

Balayage Hair 2024


Shades with ash and lilac undertones are the most trending now.

25 Superb Balayage Hairstyles 2024

It is suitable for girls with a cold type, coloring will emphasize their sophistication. But on the owners of a warm undertone, it will draw attention to the imperfections on the face.

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