Best 15 Hair Color Trends 2023 Worth Trying In 2023

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Hair colors come and go all the time, and because ‘new year, new me’ is still relevant, we want to introduce you to some of the best hair color trends 2023 which can guide as an inspiration source in case you decide to have a fresh hair makeover this year.  

To make this list more detailed and informative, we are going to talk both general color tendencies of this year and more seasonal color schemes so that you have a full idea of what to pick when.

So without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

best hair color trends 2023 popular colors and ideas

The first color tendency on our list is the lovely sweet caramel which is basically a mixture of warm brown shade with a golden and sun kissed tone that looks incredibly staggering on all women and in all seasons.

The beauty of this color lies within its multitone quality, which enriches and brightens the hair while making them seem more healthy, thick, and gorgeous.

So if you are thinking of going for a hair color transformation, then sweet caramel is unquestionably one of the most attractive alternatives for this year.

popular Hair color trends 2023 sweet caramel long waves

Another delightful variation amongst popular hair color trends 2023 is the warm honey blonde, which seems utterly staggering and modish on all women regardless of their skin tone, eye color, or anything else. 

What we love about this color is that it seems very natural, raw, and not overwhelming as other hues of blonde.

In other words, this is an excellent choice if you seek to get lighter shade but with a more natural undertone. 

best hair color trends 2023 honey blonde long waves

Flattering Light Brown Hair Color 

When speaking of natural looking hair colors, we could not merely pass by the ravishing light brown color, which stands out from other hair color trends 2023 with its exclusive and yet natural hue that suits so many girls and women.

The great advantage of this light brown color is that due to its unique tone, it can be appropriate both for warmer and colder seasons.

So if you want a sumptuous and adaptable hair color that can be fitting for all seasons, then light brown is undoubtedly an excellent choice for that. 

hair color trends winter 2023 light brown messy waves

Dark Blonde Hair Color 2023 with Soft Highlights

Yet another outstanding hair color 2023 is the dark blonde shade with soft highlights which looks astonishingly breathtaking and modish, especially on long, voluminous hair where the uniqueness of this hue seems more emphasized and enriched.

Besides that, the significant advantage of this wonderful color is that it is very multi-dimensional, meaning it incorporates multiple appealing shades of blonde, golden, and light warm browns that seem particularly emphasized on wavy or curly hair. 

Dark Blonde Hair Color 2023 with Soft Highlights

We have already spoken about some prevailing hair color tendencies; now we want to specifically discuss some of the best women hair color trends winter 2023, the list of which is led by the charming chocolate brown color. 

This is probably one of the most attractive, natural-looking colors out there, which is excellent for colder seasons like fall and winter.

In other words, if you are hunting for a modish color to dye your in winter, then chocolate brown is unquestionably an amazing pick for that. 

hair color trends winter 2023 warm chocolate brown long hair

Winter Hair Color 2023: Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

Yet another delightful choice amongst hair color trends winter 2023 is the dark brown hair with or without highlights, which really captivates many women with its deep, appealing color that fits pretty much everyone.

What is more, the best part of this color is that it can save you plenty of time and money, because unlike lighter hues, dark hair does not require you to do regular touch-ups and updates.

Instead, the color typically stays way longer, and it makes your hair seem much healthier and thicker.

Winter Hair Color 2023 Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

If you are up-to-date with the newest hair coloring tendencies, then you presumably know that twilighting is one of the most prominent hair tinting methods right now, which in its essence is interesting, highlighting concept designed particularly for brown hair.

Apart from being one of the most popular hair color trends 2023, twilight hair is also one of the most low-maintenance highlighting methods out there, which easily helps to add depth, dimension, and shimmer to your hair. 

Popular Hair Color Techniques 2023 Twilighting

Dark Roots and Blonde Hair

Another very appealing and famous hair tinting concept is to do dark roots with blonde hair, which is one of those hair looks that was gone for a while but similar to many other tendencies it is back now, and we could not be happier about it.  

The great thing about having blonde hair with darker roots is that you do not have to worry about hiding your ingrown roots or doing frequent touch-ups because it is part of your hair coloring style.

It is not only convenient for saving time and money, but it also helps to feel more confident about your hair on a daily basis.

best Hair Color trends 2023 Dark Roots and Blonde Hair

There are plenty of fantastic hair color trends 2023, but the strawberry blonde is probably one of the most winning colors amongst all the beautiful choices, which charms everyone with its rich multi-dimensional shades that are so flattering on women.

With that being said, when it comes to dyeing your hair in this color, you should remember that one strawberry blonde shade can not fit every skin tone, so we recommend advising a qualified hairstylist who can correctly select the most fitting strawberry blonde hue for your skin tone and eye shade. 

New Hair Color Trends 2023 Strawberry Blonde Hair

Yet another trending hair color 2023 is the fabulous red orchard, which is a lovely shade between cooper, red and brown that is capable of transforming any hair from merely nice to luxurious and eye-catching.

The thing with this color is that many people genuinely admire it but are too scared to actually dye their hair in this hue which is really disappointing because it looks super attractive especially during fall and winter seasons when this color wonderfully contrasts with the general atmosphere and color schemes of colder seasons. 

Exclusive Trending Hair Color 2023 Luxurious Red Orchard

One of the most outstanding hues in the list of the best hair color trends winter 2023 is the silver blonde, which captivates many people with its glossy, mesmerizing shade that is just ideal for winter, when the color truly takes over the scenery of cold weather. 

Moreover, the beauty of this dreamy color lies within its unique shade which is an alluring mixture of blonde, silver, and platinum that is simply irresistible.

So if you like doing brave hair tinting experiments, then you should certainly try silver blonde this year because it is too good for missing it.

Stunning Hair Color 2023 Trends for Winter Silver Blonde

Bombshell Brown Ale Hair With a Touch of Highlights 

Are you dreaming of having gorgeous, thick dark hair but you can not figure out what color to pick?

If yes, then do not worry because we are about to introduce you to one of the most fascinating hair colors out there, which is the deep brown ale with light highlights.

This hue stands amongst the best hair color trends winter 2023, and it is all thanks to the highly talented hairstylist Colin Caruso, who introduced this color about two years ago, and it is still thought to be one of the most pleasing shades for colder weather. 

Winter Hair Color Trends 2023 Bombshell Brown Ale Hair With a Touch of Highlights 

As we have mentioned earlier, there are numerous exciting hair tinting alternatives and methods that exist nowadays, and two-tone coloring is probably one of the most differentiating options amongst them. 

In addition to being one of the most exclusive hair color trends 2023, two-tone is also of the most iconic hair choices rocked by such talented celebrities as Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Charlize Theron, and many more. 

New Hair Color Trends 2023 Two Tone Hair

New Hair Tinting Methods 2023: Tweed Hair 

If you have been up-to-date with the latest hair tinting methods, then you should know that ‘tweed hair’ is one of the most prominent hair coloring tendencies of 2023, which is basically another variation of highlighting but in a more subtle way. 

In essence, it is a highlighting method that is evenly distributed on all hair but with smaller sections and more natural undertones that seem less dramatic.

To put it shortly, tweed hair is ideal for those who seek to have a multidimensional and yet more natural tone.

New Hair Coloring Method 2023 Tweed Hair on Blonde

Classic Hair Colors for Women: Black and Almost Black

We have been following hair color tendencies for already many years, and one thing we can say for sure is that although there are plenty of great colors that come and go over years, there are some that do not go out of trend because they are just classic.

Yes, we are talking about the black hair and its variations that do not go out of fashion despite new tendencies, and it is not unusual at all because black hair has a large list of benefits including easy maintenance, healthier look, visual volume and thickness, glossiness, and plenty of more. 

best hair color trends winter 2023 black and deep dark brown long hair

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