Best 19 Trends In Women’s Short Hairstyles 2021

popular short hairstyles for women 2021 wavy bob with bangs Short Haircuts

Are you planning a hairstyle makeover for this year? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Here are about 20 popular women’s short hairstyles 2021, which might help you make a final decision about your new haircut.

On this list, you can also find some trendy hair color picks and accessories recommendations which will further enhance your haircut and make it more up-to-date.

best short hairstyles for women 2021 wavy bob haircut in medium brown color

Trendy Women’s Short Haircuts 2021: Straight Bob

We want to start off this list with one of the timelessly modern and most stunning women short haircuts, which is the well-known bob cut.

Straight bob is actually one of the trendiest options among women’s short hairstyles 2021, which looks totally gorgeous on everyone regardless of face shape, age, or even style.

 popular women's short hairstyles 2021 straight bob haircut

Another lovely short hairstyle is the light wavy bob, which does not seem to go out of style for already many years. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most popular examples of short hairstyles for women 2021.

Similar to straight bob, it suits everyone regardless of age or face type, and the best part about it is that it requires only a few minutes of styling and you are good to go. 

trendy short hairstyles for women 2021 medium wavy blond bob haircut

Women’s Short Haircuts 2021: Messy Pixie

Yet another trendy short haircut of 2021 is the messy pixie, which despite its short cut looks simply sumptuous and charming.

Besides that, the great thing about messy pixie haircut is that it does not necessarily require much styling time, which makes it a perfect choice if you are very busy and you want to save time on your hair preparation process. 

popular short hairstyles for women 2021 short messy pixie haircut

Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut for Women  

Asymmetrical pixie is a more distinctive alternative to traditional short pixie haircut, which captivates the eye with its edgy and eye-catching appearance. 

This type of haircut enriches even more on dyed hair and especially with bold color picks such as blonde gray, ash blonde, pastel pink, soft blue, etc. 

women’s short haircuts 2021 asymmetrical pixie haircut

Slicked Back or Wet Look

If you have been keeping up with the latest in trend hairstyles, then you probably know that slicked back aka the wet look is considered to be one of the most fashionable short hairstyles for women 2021.

What is more, the wet look is also one of the most widespread celebrity red carpet hairstyles which can easily complete any kind of formal outfit while making it more contemporary and exclusive.

popular short hairstyles for women 2021 slicked back wet look

Wavy Bob with Bangs

The next unique and modish option in the list of women’s short hairstyles 2021 is the wavy bob with bangs which seems to be getting more and more popular these days.

The beauty of this cut lies within the interesting combination of short bob and bangs that might seem a little bit unusual, but in reality, it is very attractive and surely one of a kind.

trendy short haircuts for women 2021 wavy bob with bangs

Modern Short Layered Hair 2021: Layered Bob for Thick Hair

As you may or may not know layers are one of the most widespread and contemporary haircuts for thick hair as it makes them more textured and voluminous.

Layers also work amazingly on short thick hair, making them more up-to-date and remarkable.

So if you are seeking for short layered hair this year, then you should certainly think about doing it on bob type of hairstyle. 

short layered hair 2021 classic layered bob for thick hair

Messy Undercut Pixie 

Generally speaking, undercut short hair are one of the coolest women hairstyles which are capable of transforming any woman from simply beautiful to strong and edgy individual.

What is more, if you are into that kind of hairstyles, then you should indeed think about doing a messy undercut pixie because it is one of the most edgy-stylish cuts in that category this year.

women’s short haircuts 2021 messy undercut pixie

Ultra Short Pixie Haircut for Women 

If you are seeking for a super short but very stylish hairstyle to try in 2021, then you might consider doing a short pixie, which is an edgy and modern cut that requires minimum to no styling time. 

In fact, many famous people such as Charlize Theron, Halsey, Zoe Kravitz, Michelle Williams rocked short pixie haircut as well, so if you are looking for some inspiration, then you should definitely check their examples.women’s short haircuts 2021 super short pixie

Best Short Haircuts for Women 2021: Curly Tapered

Curly tapered is yet another wonderful option among best short haircuts for women 2021 that works wonderfully with naturally curly hair.

In addition to that, curly tapered style highlights even better on fully dyed or only upper dyed hair, as colors typically enrich the haircut while showing off curls more expressively.

women’s short haircuts 2021 curly tapered hairstyle

Inverted Bob Haircut for Women 

Inverted bob is certainly among the most interesting and one of a kind woman’s short haircuts 2021, which seems especially fabulous on more rounded face shapes because it visually makes them longer and more angular.

Besides that, the great thing about the inverted bob is that it adds personality and uniqueness to the overall appearance.

So if you are going for something like that, then you should certainly think about getting this haircut because it is very feminine and attractive. 

best women’s short haircuts 2021 inverted bob hairstyle

Cute Short Hairstyles for Women 2021: Braided Short Bob

When speaking of short haircuts, many people assume that there is not much they can do with it; however, that is not really true as nowadays there is a lot of options you can style your hair even by having a short bob cut. 

In fact, short braided bob is one of the nicest short hairstyles for women 2021, which looks very cute and nice, while taking only a few minutes of styling.

Cute Short Hairstyles for Women 2021 Braided Short Bob

Half Up Bun 

In the last few years, half-up bun became a very trendy and viral hairstyle for women while looking totally incredible on both long and short length hair.

Moreover, half up bun continues to be one of the biggest trends in women’s short hairstyles 2021, so if you aim to go artistic with short hair, then here is another modish option for that. 

creative cute short hairstyles for women 2021 half up bun

Trendy Hair Accessories in 2021: Hair Clips

If you have been following hairstyling tendencies for the last two years, then you are most probably aware of the major comeback of hair clips, which literally took the world by storm.

These days, you can find a wide variety of different hair clips from simple ones to most trendy pearl clips which are perfect hair accessories that work wonderfully with all kinds of lengths as well as for all occasions. 

trendy women's short hairstyles 2021 pearl hair clips on short hair

Velvet Padded Headbands for Short Hairstyles 

Another viral hair accessory trend of 2021 is the velvet padded headband that can be seen in a number of runways and on many fashion influencers.

Velvet padded headbands are not only great for completing the entire outfit, but they are also capable of enhancing any type of hairstyle while making it look instantly super stylish and put together. 

hair accessories 2021 velvet padded headband for short hair

Now that we have talked about different popular short haircuts and styles, we want t focus a little bit on the most trending dye colors that are going to be seen a lot in 2021.

The first trendy color is the gorgeous dark honey blonde, which looks fantastic on all kinds of hair types and especially on short bob cut or layered pixie. 

Popular Dye Colors for Short Hair in 2021 Dark Honey Blonde

Trendy Silver Blonde Hair Color

Another popular dye color in women’s short hairstyles 2021 is the silver blonde color, which became popular about a few years ago and it does not seem to go out of trend in the near future.

The beauty of this dye color lies within its unique mesmerizing shade that is a perfect blend of light blonde and grayish silver. So if you are into unique hair colors, then this one might be perfect for you to try this year. 

Trendy Silver Blonde Hair Colour for short wavy bob hairstyle in 2021

Warm Chocolate Brown Color for Short Haircuts

If you do not like bold, unique colors or lighter shades, then you should definitely think about coloring your hair with warm chocolate brown, which is one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous color tendencies in short hairstyles for women 2021. 

The best part of this color is that it seems very natural but at the same time very eye-catching and luxurious, which is mainly due to the warm undertone that lies within the chocolate brown shade.

Warm Chocolate Brown Color for Short Haircuts in 2021

Caramel Brown Balayage for Short Hairstyles 

Yet another in trend color choice among women’s short hairstyles 2021 is the caramel brown balayage which looks breathtakingly gorgeous on short haircuts, especially on layered bob cut.

The charm of this color or similar warm tones is in the rich muti shade quality, which is capable of transforming any type of hair regardless of length, hair quality, or cut.

popular Caramel Brown Balayage for women's Short Hairstyles 2021

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there are plenty of different, stylish short hairstyles for women 2021.

From the short pixie to wavy bob, you can find a lot of amazing options that suit your style, face shape, or preference.

Besides that, the great thing about short cuts is that these days there are various hairstyling tutorials, dye colors as well as fashionable accessories, which can help you instantly enhance your haircut even more.

All in all, if you are thinking about doing a shorter cut, then do not be nervous about it and do not delay it, because it will make you look much more stylish and attractive. 

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