Popular 15 Medium Length Hairstyles 2023 Ideas and Trends

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If you’re thinking of doing a trendy mid length hair makeover this year and need some ideas, then here are 15 medium length hairstyles 2023 that can help you enhance your new look and be more innovative with it.

In this list, we are going to talk not only about the different mid length haircuts but also some tendencies, accessories, popular ideas, as well as best dye colors that can be useful for this kind of hairstyle.

So without further ado, let us get into details.

Medium Length Hairstyles 2023 Popular Haircuts and Ideas

Mid Length Haircuts 2023: Center Parted Long Bob (Lob)

Center parted long bob aka lob is one of the most popular and fast-growing trends, among medium length hairstyles 2023, which attracts everyone with its super flattering and modish look.

This haircut looks especially fantastic on straightened hair because in that case, the length of the hair seems more emphasized and edgy while the overall hairstyle appears more put together and attractive. 

Popular Mid Length Haircuts 2023 Center Parted Longer Bob (Lob)

90’s Inspired Long Bob 

If you are keeping up with the latest fashion and hairstyle trends, then you most probably know that these days there is a major tendency towards the 80s and 90s style, from accessories to haircuts.

In fact, 90s inspired long bob is one of the biggest trends in medium length hairstyles 2023, which can be seen on such famous celebrities as Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, Selena Gomez and many more. 

best middle length hairstyles 2023 90's long bob emily ratajkowski

One of the most mind blowing sumptuous looks on mid length haircuts is undoubtedly the waves, which look totally breathtaking and elegant while also being one of the most appealing medium length hair trends 2023. 

The great thing about a wavy mid length hairstyle is that it appears flattering on everyone regardless of the face shape, age, or any other quality. Overall, it is one of the most wonderful hairstyles which can be perfect both for everyday looks and more formal events.

Medium Length Hair Trends 2023 Flattering Waves

Medium Length Bob with Layers

In case you didn’t know, layered haircut is one of the most widespread looks in all hairstyles, including medium length and it is not surprising at all, because layers typically enhance the face, add shape and volume to hair, while also being easily manageable.

In addition to that, medium bob layered haircut also easily adapts to your face form, while visually lengthening it and allowing you to style your hair according to your preference and liking.

To put it another way, layers offer a lot of versatility and flexibility, which can surely be handy during the styling process. 

Medium Length hairstyles for 2023 Bob with Layers

Medium Hairstyles for 2023: Voluminous Long Bob

The next big tendency among medium hairstyles for 2023 is the voluminous long bob which looks absolutely breathtaking on everyone and every sort of hair.  

Besides that, the great thing about this hairstyle is that it does not take too much time to style not it requires a specific technique, which means that you can easily do it on your own with just a blow-dryer and a brush.

popular medium hairstyles for 2023 voluminous long bob in blonde color

Yet another lovely example in medium length hairstyles 2023 is the shaggy bob which is basically a delightful combination of messy waves and layered bob.

What we like about this hairstyle is that it is required low maintenance which is perfect for those who are constantly busy and who want to have an effortless chic haircut which does not take too much time for styling.

best medium length hairstyles for 2023 shaggy medium bob

Chic and Trendy Long Bob With Bangs

If you are the kind of person who likes to experiment with hair and try new things, then you will most probably like our next haircut trend, which is the long bob with bangs. 

This is easily one of the most effortless chic hairstyles out there, which adds charm and uniqueness to the face. And the best part is that this haircut is always in trend, so you can certainly try it this year. 

trendy medium length hairstyles 2023 shaggy long bob with bangs on blonde hair

If you are following hairstyle tendencies, then you are most probably aware that slicked back look is one of the most popular hairstyles nowadays. In fact, it is one of the most prominent medium length hair trends 2023, which looks totally chic and one of a kind.

Apart from that, slicked back is also one of the most common red carpet looks, which is done by many celebrities, including Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, etc. So if you need a formal hairstyle idea, it is certainly a very modish and exclusive option to try. 

Medium Length Hair Trends 2023 Slicked Back

Medium Hairstyles for 2023: Classic Old Hollywood Curls

Are you dreaming about having a glamorous and stunning hairstyle that can make you feel confident just like celebrities on the red carpet?

If yes, then you should undoubtedly try the iconic old Hollywood curls, which can be found among most red carpet appearances. 

The classic old Hollywood curls really distinguish from other wavy hairstyles with their sophisticated, exquisitely elegant look, which never goes old, no wonder why it is among the best formal medium hairstyles for 2023.

trendy middle length hairstyles 2023 classic old Hollywood curls

Chic Half Up Top Knot Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Half up top knot is one of the trendiest casual-chic hairstyles at the moment, which attracts many people with its effortless charm that looks equally delightful on all hair lengths, including medium length haircuts.

Moreover, another reason why so many people love this hairstyle is due to the fact that it does not require much time or styling, and if you want to try it for the first time, then you can find plenty of steps by step guides and tutorials on how to do an ideal half up top knot hair.

Chic Half Up Top Knot Hairstyle for Medium Hair 2023

Trendy Medium Length Hair Colors: Caramel Balayage

Now that we have talked about some of the most popular medium haircuts and styles let us introduce you to the most trendy dye colors that are often done on medium length hair. 

The first and probably the most attractive tendency of this year is the caramel balayage, which is a fabulous mixture of striking colors like light brown and blonde that look insanely breathtaking on medium length hair. 

best medium length hairstyles 2023 caramel balayage

Medium Length Hair Colors: Ash Blonde Ombre

Another very popular dye color among medium length hair trends 2023 is the ash blonde ombre which has been in trend for already several years, and it does not appear to fade away in the near future. 

The beauty of ash blonde ombre hair lies within the two lovely colors that are melting into each other while enhancing the beauty and the glossiness of hair.

So if you like to try new things, then you should certainly dye your hair in this color, because it looks simply incredible on medium length hair.

Medium Length Hair Colors Ash Blonde Ombre 2023

Trendy Dye Colors for Medium Hair in 203: Warm Light Brown 

The next widespread dye color for mid length hair is the pleasant warm light brown, which distinguishes with its natural-looking chic color that suits so many people.

This is one of those dye colors that does not need a lot of maintenance or frequent visits to the hairdresser.

Overall, if you prefer more natural looking dye colors for your hair, you can undoubtedly think about this color because it is truly staggering. 

Trendy Dye Colors for Medium Hair in 2023 Warm Light Brown 

Best Colors on Medium Hair: Light Blonde and Honey Blonde

As you might know, blonde is one of the most trending and widespread dye colors that can be seen among mid length hair, and it is not surprising at all, because blonde is a very charming and attractive color choice. 

In fact, two of the most popular blonde tones are the light blonde and honey blonde, which are rather different from each other, but both of them are equally stunning, especially on medium hair and especially with waves, as the richness of the colors shines through curls. 

Best Colors on Medium Hairstyles 2023 Light Blonde and Honey Blonde

Blushed Chocolate Brown on Mid Length Hair

Blushed chocolate brown is one of the most beautiful and widespread hair colors at the moment, which attracts people with its effortless luxuriousness and color richness that flatters everyone and every kind of hair. 

The charm of this color lies within its natural and effortless looking tone that is merely gorgeous.

However, the best part with this color is that it does not require you to do frequent updates or specific styling, because it is already sumptuous and elegant as it.

trendy dye colors for middle length hairstyles 2023 blushed chocolate brown ombre

Final Thoughts

As you can see, middle length haircut is truly versatile, flexible, and incredibly stylish, which probably explains why so many people love it. This is one of the few haircuts, which stands out with its endless styling opportunities, low maintenance, effortless chic, and timeless trendiness.

Besides that, the great thing about the middle length hairstyles 2023 is that all of them are capable of flattering face and enhancing facial features regardless of the person’s age, face type, or even hair quality. To put it differently, it is one of the rare haircuts that fits everybody.

So if you are thinking about having a middle length haircut this year, then do not hesitate about it, because it is undoubtedly going to be worth it. 

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