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Picking a perfect haircut can be both exciting and tough. To help you with that, we have picked 15 trendy haircuts for long hair 2023 that can be an inspiration for you to try out something new this year.

In this guide, you will find all the greatest hair trends, dye colors, and styles that are going to be rock this year. So, without further ado, let us get into details.

Popular Haircuts for Long Hair 2023 wavy blonde caramel balayage hairstyle

Haircuts for Long Hair 2023: Classic Straight Cut

A straight haircut is one of the most classic and yet always actual hairstyles out there, which does not lose popularity and demand. Instead, they become more and more widespread with time.

In fact, it is thought to be one of the best haircuts for long hair 2023, and it is not surprising at all, because long straight hair appears utterly breathtaking and very lavish.  

women’s long hairstyles 2023 blonde long straight cut

Long Layered Hair 2023: Face-Framing Feathered Layers

As you may or may not know, layers are very widespread in long hairstyles, and it is especially prevalent among thick hair because it makes them more voluminous and easily manageable.

Besides that, layers are also very versatile, meaning that there is a large variety of different types of long layered hair 2023.

One of the most mesmerizing options is the long haircut with face-forming feathered layers which is incredibly dazzling and sumptuous. 

Long Layered Hair 2023 Face framing feathered layers

Long Haircut with Multiple Layers

Another delightful variation of layered haircut is the multilayer option, which is currently one of the most wonderful haircuts for long hair 2023. 

Multiple layers are great for thick long hair as it makes them more controllable, voluminous, and merely alluring. In addition to that, multiple layered haircuts are just excellent for doing various kinds of curls and waves, so if you are into wavy hair, then undoubtedly go for this cut. 

haircuts for long hair 2023 multiple layers brown hair

Long Bob hairstyles 2023: Trendy Bob

If you are not aware, bob cut is a highly favored hairstyle these days, and it is prevailing not only in short hair but also among longer haircuts.

As a matter of fact, long bob hairstyles 2023 are very up-to-the-minute and widespread nowadays, because they attract people with its sophisticated and polished look that fits pretty much all hair type or face form.

long bob hairstyles 2023 trendy straight bob on blonde hair

Women’s Long Bob Hairstyles 2023: Chic Look with Bangs

Another staggering variation in women’s long bob hairstyles 2023 is the chic haircut with bangs, is one of the most striking, modish and distinctive hairstyles right now. 

Generally speaking, long bob with bangs is amazing for round shape face as it is capable of making it visually longer while also highlighting facial features as well as making the person seem more mysterious and one of a kind.

Women’s Long Bob Hairstyles 2023 Chic Look with Bangs

Women’s Long Hairstyles 2023: Alluring Beach Waves

You may likely know that beach waves is one of the most enticing and breathtakingly attractive hairstyles out there, which merely looks wonderful on every person with longer length hair.

What is more, long beach waves are especially perfect for summer and for vacations, as they do not require much styling, but they sure seem utterly charming and lovely. Women’s Long Hairstyles 2023 Alluring Beach Waves

Extra Long Bob with Voluminous Curls

Are you dreaming about having ravishing and voluminous hair?

If yes, then you will for sure love our next trend which certainly stands out in the list of long bob hairstyles 2023.

As we said before, the long bob is a very favored haircut right now, and the voluminous curl look is one of its most lavishing variations, which is ideal for both everyday occasions as well as formal events.

popular women’s long hairstyles 2023 voluminous caramel brown ombre waves

Formal Women Hairstyles for 2023: Old Hollywood Curls

When speaking of formal events and occasions, we could not simply pass by one of the most loved celebrity red carpet hairstyles, which is the classic look with old Hollywood curls.

Yet another year in a row, this is one of the most exquisite formal women hairstyles for 2023 which captivates many people with its sophisticated, retro charm that is merely hard to resist.

Formal Women Hairstyles for 2023 Old Hollywood Curls

Women’s Long Hairstyles 2023: Trendy Slicked Back 

We have already spoken about some of the most favored and classic women’s long hairstyles 2023, so now let us focus on several newest long hairstyles that took over the world by storm and keep growing with each passing day. 

One of those modish hairstyles is the slicked back wet hair type, which emerged several years ago and now it is one of the most common hairstyles among the runway shows, red carpet appearances as well as other formal events such as prom, wedding, awards, etc. 

Women’s Long Hairstyles 2023 Trendy Slicked Back 

Trendy Slicked Back Middle Parted Low Bun for Long Hair

If you have been keeping up the newest hairstyling trends, then you are most likely aware that sleeked back middle parted low bun is one of the most widespread and fast growing tendencies among women’s long hairstyles 2023.

What is more, this hairstyle is currently one of the most go-to casual chic hairstyles that are seen pretty much everywhere, from celebrity street style and red carpet appearances to major runway shows and biggest fashion industry influencers’ looks.

Trendy Slicked Back Middle Parted Low Bun for Long Hair 2023

Slicked Back High ponytail

The next very popular hairstyle for long length hair is the Ariana Grade style slicked-back high ponytail, which basically shaped her iconic style years ago, and since then it became one of the most discussed and popular female hairstyles for long hair.

It is one of those hairstyles, that captivates with its low maintenance and effortless chic which can be useful for both everyday looks as well as more formal occasions such as proms or birthdays.

Slicked Back High Pony Tail for long hair 2023

Chic Long Bob Hairstyles 2023: Contemporary Shaggy Look

Yet another naturally modish haircuts for long hair 2023 is the contemporary shaggy look, which is one of the fast-evolving and major tendencies at the moment and it can be seen on many public figures, influencers, designers and so on.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that it takes a minimum styling effort which is merely perfect if you are a busy woman who wants to spend a few minutes on hairstyling while looking very modish and put together.

Chic Long Bob Hairstyles 2023 Contemporary Shaggy Look

Women Long Hairstyles 2023 with Barrel Curls

It is no news that barrel curls are one of the most traditional and classic long hairstyles that have been present for many years and even though nowadays there are plenty of different techniques to curl hair, it is still widely used by many women.

The primary advantage of barrel curls is the fact that it is rather hard to go wrong with them, and generally, they tend to seem more voluminous and textured which is just perfect for thin long hair.

women's long hairstyles 2023 long barrel curls on blonde hair

Adorable Hairstyles for Long Hair: Double Dutch Braids

As you probably know, one of the best advantages of having long is having a wide variety of diverse hairstyling choices which can be especially handy if you are into experimenting and constantly trying out new things. 

Having said that, we could not pass by one of the most charming and delightful hairstyles for long hair, which is the well-known double dutch braids that are utterly breathtaking and cute.

Adorable Hairstyles 2023 for Long Hair Double Dutch Braids

If you like doing different braids and constantly go through tutorials or photos, then you have most certainly aware of the latest tendency of doing braids with metallic hoop rings.

This is nowadays one of the most exclusively good-looking braided styles for long hair, which seizes the attention with its attractive and edgy appearance that is tough to ignore.

popular Long Hairstyle Trends 2023 Braids with Metalic Hoop Rings

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