Hair Trends 2022: Top 20 Best Options for the Current Year

Long Hairstyles

Hair trends 2022 are very diverse. You don’t have to limit yourself to the classics. There are a number of original options.

On the one hand, the choice of haircut and hairstyle is very individual. But on the other hand, the fashion for hairstyles is no less changeable than the fashion for clothes and shoes.

Hair Trends 2022: Top 20 Best Options for the Current Year

And if you want to look fashionable and stylish, it is required to follow the changes in fashion trends in hairstyles.

Let’s highlight the general hair trends 2022 of the new season:

  • the place of clear lines and smoothness is confidently taken by light negligence, and romantic smoothness;
  • saturated bright colors are no longer popular and are not among hair color trends 2022. Light brown, ash, golden, and pastel colors, highlighting are in fashion hair color 2022.

Hair Trends 2022: Top 20 Best Options for the Current Year


  • The emphasis on the bangs – it can be any: both long and asymmetrical, and medium and short and perfectly even;
  • hair length is left to the choice of beautiful ladies, so we will offer you the most fashionable hairstyles for all hair length options.

Excessive Afro

It is easy for women with curly hair to enter the drama queen look. With a little styling, finger dexterity, and here you are, Diana Ross.

Hair Trends 2022 Excessive Afro

Rhinestones on Hair

Go back to the 80s and add rhinestones to your hair to be the queen of the party.

In order to emphasize the natural hair color, we use a color to match. And if you want to stand out, use colored rhinestones.

Rhinestones on Hair 2022

Bright Accent on Hair

Hair trends 2022 suggest bright accents not only in clothes but also in the hair.

If the office doesn’t have a strict dress code, why not allow yourself to dye your hair in rich hair color 2022.

Bright Accent on Hair 2022


Headbands have not lost their relevance for several seasons.

They are popular among hair trends 2022 as well. Designers offer different options for this accessory – from sporty to boho chic.

Bandage hair trends 2022

Delicate Veil

You can add a bit of mystery and chic of Old Hollywood to your look with the help of one weightless detail – a light veil, and the best gentlemen are at your feet.

Delicate Veil hair trends 2022

Baby Braids

The last Max Mara show was remembered not only for the impeccable collection, but also for the characteristic detail in the hairstyle in the form of a perky braid.

Just like children!


Vintage Hairstyles

Big curls, post-war spirit of freedom and New Look from Dior – the style of the 40s remains an eternal classic.


Wet Styling

Donatella Versace’s latest collection was inspired by the beauty of the ocean.

And, indeed, the models looked as if they had just emerged from the depths of the sea. You can feel like a girl from Versace armed with a gel with the effect of wet hair. The main thing is not to overdo it.


Hairstyles 2022 for Short Hair

Lush Negligence

A lush styling that creates the effect of carelessness looks romantic and stylish at the same time. It will look great on all types of bob haircuts that are fashionable this season.

Hairstyles 2022 for Short Hair


The notion that braiding is possible only on long hair has now been completely dispelled. Stylists have suggested circular braiding, which is quite affordable on short hair trends 2022 too.

Original solutions – braided bangs or rebelliously braided hair in small braids at the temples.

Hairstyles 2022 for Short Hair braiding

Smooth Styling

For ultra-short haircut trends 2022, perfectly smooth styling will be appropriate.

The severity of forms, even the use of classic men’s haircut 2022 with bangs, is an option for lovers of sports style:

Fashionable Retro

Retro hairstyles in the style of the 40s and 50s are at the height of fashion.

Sleek, neat hair and extravagant accessories will be a winning option for both every day and evening looks.

Hairstyles 2022 for Short Hair retro

Hairstyle with Ribbons

What if you really want to go to Paris? Walk to the nearest coffee shop, buy a fresh croissant, flavored coffee, turn on – Emily in Paris, and tie a ribbon in your hair.

Hairstyles 2022


Braiding is a very fashionable hair trend 2022 that opens up ample opportunities for medium-length hair. Braiding variations can be very different – a headband, a dragon’s tail, a waterfall, a spike let, etc.

Such an abundance of variations will allow you to create a new image every day.

Hair Trends 2022 in Medium Length braids

Greek Hairstyles 2022

This will emphasize femininity, add elegance and sophistication to the image.

All variations of Greek hairstyles remain fashionable – from the Greek bun to braids and curls. Hoops, ribbons, hairpins, and tiaras will be obligatory elements in the styling.

Hair Trends 2022 Rhinestones on Hair

A Half Bun

Half-bun is a fast, simple, and a little daring hairstyle, just in the spirit and style of a modern woman with her frantic pace of life.

Perfect for everyday activities. The hair in the front and on the sides is gathered in a bun, while the rest of the hair remains loose at the back of the head. The ears remain open so you can safely wear your favorite earrings.

This hairstyle is suitable for any shape of the face.


Bulky Styling

Since volumized and messy hair is at the height of fashion among hair trends 2022, this effect can be applied to any type of hairstyle, for example, disheveled braids, a lush disheveled bun, etc.


Hairstyles 2022 For Female with Long Hair


A long ponytail continues to hold its position among fashion trends.

Original elements will give originality to the hairstyle – for example, a curled tail end, an entwined base with an abandoned strand, or pigtail. A retro ponytail with 60s bangs is one of the most interesting women’s 2022 hair trends.

Hairstyles 2022 For Female with Long Hair


Braids are fashionable, stylish, and romantic. Do you want to be at the height of fashion following hair trends 2022?

Give your braids a messy and casual look.

Hairstyles 2022 For Female with Long Hair braiding

Wavy Hair

Waves are a great way to showcase the beauty of your hair. Waves should be large and lush. Such a hairstyle will not go unnoticed, and for men, beautiful long hair does bewitching at all.



A bunch can be smooth or, on the contrary, voluminous and disheveled. Choose the option that suits your mood. A great option is a bunch of braids.


Sombre Technique – Subtle Ombre

Hair is dyed close to the root in dark colors, such as mocha, latte, coffee with milk, dark chocolate. Closer to the tips, a transition is made to lighter tones. The transition is almost invisible, as one color flows smoothly into another.

The technique uses only two tones.

Popular Techniques in Hair Color Trends 2022

Air Touch

Air Touch is one of the hair highlighting techniques. With the help of a hairdryer, the hair is blown in order to separate the thinnest and longest strands. Further, the hair is tinted in light colors.

Popular Techniques in Hair Color Trends 2022


This technique is the undisputed leader among the techniques of the hair color 2022. The toning method in this technique is based on a soft color transformation – from dark at the roots to a gradual transition to blond at the tips.

This technique can use up to 10 different shades within one palette.

Popular Techniques in Hair Color Trends 2022

Shatush Technique

This toning is based on naturalness; bright saturated colors are not used for it.

The strands are dyed in colors that are as close to natural as possible. With careful melting of colors, saturated with dynamic shades are obtained.

Popular Techniques in Hair Color Trends 2022


Transformation using this technique does not require aggressive effects (when dyeing) the entire length of the hair.

Only the tips are stained. The color range that is used to work in this direction includes bright saturated colors: poisonous green, lilac, orange, crimson red, etc.

Popular Techniques in Hair Color Trends 2022

Deep dyes work best for blonde hair.


An unconditional novelty in stylistic hair toning. Baby lights combine two styles of classic highlighting and balayage. This option is perfect for blonde hair.

The essence of this method is that individual strands of hair are dyed blond. Above, approximately in the middle of the length of the hair, they are highlighted with randomly located light spots, which create a shimmering effect.

Popular Techniques in Hair Color Trends 2022

Colombre Hair

This technique is suitable for any length, except for ultra-short hair. Initially, the ends of the hair are discolored, and then the curls are dyed along the entire length.

The ends of the hair are more intensely colored and highlight the hairstyle along the bottom edge. A bright color palette is used.

Popular Techniques in Hair Color Trends 2022 ombre


This technique is perfect for dark hair.

The effect is achieved through the use of natural colors that flow into halftones – copper, caramel, hazelnut, coffee with milk. The principle of this technique is two-tone staining.

The paint is applied to the strands, while the movement resembles a tick. Hair dyed in this way takes on shimmery highlights.

Popular Techniques in Hair Color Trends 2022 balayage

For owners of dark skin and brown eyes, brown shades, milk chocolate, cappuccino, and coffee with milk are suitable. Hair length doesn’t matter.

Do you have fair skin and a graduated hairstyle? An excellent option would be the colors: ripe cherries and black and red tones.

For green or brown eyes in combination with fair skin, this season’s trendy black color with a blue tint is suitable.

Hair Color Trends 2022: Brunettes

Hair Color 2022: Blondes

If you are an owner of dark blonde or light brown hair, the honey-golden tint of curls will suit you, which is popular this season.

Very blonde hair can be transformed with the trendy rose gold color. A creamy blonde is suitable for those with an olive or fair skin tone.

Hair Color 2022: Blondes

The red color is always in trend. It is bright, rich, does not require decoration and reformation.

Fashionable Color Trends 2022: Red-Haired

But if you are an owner of different hair color, and you want to dye your hair in the colors of the red spectrum, you should dwell on the following colors:

  • cinnamon
  • caramel-ash
  • caramel and chocolate
  • dark caramel
  • golden caramel
  • titian.
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