Hair Color Trends 2022: Best 36 Exclusive Ideas For You

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Every season brings its peculiarities, new trends in hair coloring. Natural shades are all about hair color trends 2022. In particular, wheat, honey, and chestnut are in trend this year.

And, respectively, all unnatural tones, like snow blond and deep black shade are out of fashion. The stylists realized that these colors make women’s skin look pale. This means that it is better to exclude them from the fashionable palette.

If you decide on a bright coloring, do not experiment at home.

There is a chance that you choose the wrong oxidizer for you, or worse, take instant paint. And then, instead of shiny hair, you can end up with hair that feels like straw, and the restoration process will take at least six months.

Hair Color Trends 2022: 36 Current Exclusive Ideas

Home and salon dyeing has one thing in common – you should choose your hair color according to your skin type and facial features.

And in order to make your decision as simple as possible, we have collected the most fashionable shades, the palette of which includes light and dark tones – such as wheat, chestnut, caramel, copper, ash, and others.

Our selection includes the most relevant colors, among which you can find both options and fresh ideas for both warm and cold color types.

Hair Color 2022 for Blondes

Natural Blonde

This is the purest and most versatile shade most often found in natural blondes during childhood. The natural color looks best on women with a warm complexion. This shade visually makes the face fresher, so it will help to hide fine wrinkles and imperfections on the skin.

Hair Color Trends 2022: 36 Current Exclusive Ideas

Ash Blonde

This shade won the hearts of colorists and celebrities a couple of seasons ago, but today it still remains in trend. It is chosen by both beauties with a cold and warm type of face.

Ash blond will be the perfect choice for girls with winter and summer color types, and especially for beauties with a cold complexion.

But it is worth remembering that the palette of gray shades emphasizes all minor imperfections on the skin, so the color must be chosen carefully.

Hair Color Trends 2022: 36 Current Exclusive Ideas

Strawberry Blonde

This shade adjusts to the individual characteristics of the appearance, which means it will look great on hot beauties and cold queens. In the first case, the blond will resemble rose gold, and in the second, a more pearl undertone.


Golden blond can be attributed to the timeless classic because it is in trend regardless of time. It can be considered the standard of femininity.

This shade is, first of all, for girls with a warm face tone and a spring color type should take a closer look at it. The golden hue will accentuate peach skin, cute freckles, and green eyes.

Hair Color Trends 2022


One of the most optimal options that modern well-groomed beauties choose. It not only looks natural but also adds angelic features to the image. The sandy blonde has become the hallmark of the singer Taylor Swift.

This is ideal for several types of appearance at once. For girls with light features, it will accentuate aristocratic pale skin and light eyes. Well, and dark-skinned beauties can play in contrast and look sexier.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Honey Blonde

Warm honey tones are ideal for the transition to the colder season, as hair color trends winter 2022.

The honey blonde looks best on girls with a warm face tone and a spring color type. If your natural shade is red and you want to change your look, it is best to try honey shades.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Platinum Blonde

A cold, but at the same time very bright shade was chosen by many Hollywood celebrities.

It is ideal for ladies of a winter color type and a cold skin tone. It is desirable that the woman has blue or gray eyes, a slight peach blush, and a porcelain face.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Blonde in A Pearl Shade

Pearls are one of the most versatile shades, whose glowing particles reflect the sun’s rays and make the face glow.

The color is ideal for middle-aged women to hide wrinkles or ladies with thin hair. It will definitely make your hair look more voluminous.

Natural Medium Blonde

This natural color will accentuate the natural beauty of girls with any complexion and eye color. But sometimes medium blonde can look a little boring, so don’t be afraid to add other shades to it.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Natural Dark Blonde

It is chosen by the most spectacular beauties of Hollywood. Natural dark blond accentuates their features and makes the image even more seductive.

This is a universal shade that can be selected depending on the characteristics of the appearance. For girls with a warm tone, walnut shades are suitable, and for cold ones, you should choose rich gray colors.

Hair Color Trends 2022


An image in this hair color will add aristocratic sophistication to the stars and make them the stars of the catwalk.

This shade is suitable for owners of cold skin tones with a slightly bluish undertone. It will be ideal if the woman also has blue or gray eyes.

Haircuts for Thin Hair 2022 Multi-Layered Haircut thin long Ash-Blonde

Golden Blonde

Another classic in the world of color. The combination of gold and light brown not only favorably emphasizes the natural beauty of the hair, but also makes it shine.

Girls with a warm face tone and color types – summer and autumn look best with golden blond. The color emphasizes the features of the appearance and does not attract too much attention.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Caramel Blonde

A warm and viscous shade is associated with the image and appearance of a megastar Jennifer Lopez. It not only enhances her natural features but also gives a special shine to her appearance.

This is a real find for autumn and spring types and also perfectly emphasizes the individuality of a slightly dark-skinned beauty with green or brown eyes.

Women’s Medium Hairstyles 2022 Mullet


Like blond, this versatile shade can be good for girls with any skin tone and color type. And all thanks to the fact that there is no complex red pigment in sandy blond.


This is ideal for warm and slightly pinkish complexions. You can complement the walnut coloring with any shades from a warm palette of brown tones.

Stylish Hair Color Trends 2022 For Brown-Haired Women

Light Chestnut

One of the few shades for which the tone of the face is not important, but the color of the eyes means a lot. It is best to choose it for girls with brown eyes because with them it looks delicate and visually reduces large facial features.

Medium Chestnut

The shade can easily correct facial features. The oval becomes more rounded and the square becomes streamlined.

Dark Chestnut

This shade makes the image austere and interesting, so it looks good in contrast with light eyes. It is better to choose it for women with a cold face tone and a winter and summer color type.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Chocolate Shade

The chocolate shade of hair is back in fashion for hair color trends 2022.

This is a win-win option for those who want to experiment with their appearance, but are afraid of too drastic changes. It visually softens the facial features and adds a slight shine to the hair.

Women's Hairstyles 2022 Half up hair


Golden Brown

This is an ideal shade for girls with olive skin tone and deep brown eyes.

Women's Hairstyles 2022

Hair Color 2022: Shades of Red

Peach Shade

Universal peach is considered the trendiest coloring of this year. It is better to choose a pinker tint for a cold complexion, and copper-caramel shades should be preferred for a warm beauty.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Bright Red Color

This passionate shade will perfectly fit into the image of a young girl who is not afraid of daring experiments. However, she must have a cold peach complexion, as well as light or amber eyes.

Haircuts for Thin Hair 2022 Bright 2022 Bright Red Color

Copper Shade

Copper is one of the most versatile shades, as its saturation and brightness can be adjusted. The lighter shade emphasizes the soft features of the face, and the dark tones complement the contrasting appearance.

Copper Shade 2022 hairstyles

Ruby Red

With this color, no girl will go unnoticed, because it perfectly sets off the expressive features of the face. The only restriction is for women with the spring color type. For them, the ruby tone would be too dark.

Hair Color Trends 2022


Bronde is the color that is in the middle between the brown-haired and the blonde, and champagne bronde is its colder sister.

Champagne bronde is a light hair color, but if you look closely, you can see strands of white in it, but nevertheless, it appears darker due to the depth of its tones.

Hair Color Trends 2022: Creative Options bronde


Falayage,  is just perfect for hair color trends 2022 thanks to honey, maple, and other fall-inspired hues. Since hair can naturally lighten during the summer months, this low-cost color is best at bringing warmth back to your dull hair.

Hair Color Trends 2022


This is very popular with celebrities. Blonde creamy is the most delicate golden shade for fall. The mix of beige and brown dark shades and insanely warm gold tones creates a rich, rich shade that works equally well for blondes and brunettes.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Hair with A Blue Tint

Ice blue may be the most trending color of the hair color trends winter 2022.

The shade can be easily selected depending on the skin tone and color type. So, for cold and pale-faced women, turquoise and slightly azure tones are suitable, and the dark color perfectly sets off the dark skin and expressive facial features.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Purple Tint on Hair

There are no special restrictions on age and type. Any woman can find the perfect tone among hair color trends 2022.

Hair Color Trends 2022

How to Choose the Right Hair Color at Home?

To determine your complexion, the easiest way is to stand in front of a mirror and, in natural light, bring a white sheet of paper to your face. Slightly yellowish and peachy hues mean a warm tone, while bluish and olive tint means a cold one.

The combination of several shades at once suggests that a woman has a neutral type – one of the rarest, by the way.

Hair Color Trends 2022 by Complexion

Warm Skin Tone

For women with warm skin tones, it is best to opt for natural shades, as they will give the face a healthy and rested look. All warm shades of light brown, nutty, and caramel tones are also relevant.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Cold Tone

Snow queens should choose colors with the same cool undertone, such as ash, pearl, or classic platinum blond.

Dark chestnut and chocolate colors will look harmoniously, but from the bright ones, take a closer look at the pink, lilac, and purple palettes.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Neutral Tone

Women with a neutral tone can choose almost any color because their skin easily adjusts to warm and cold shades. However, if there are wrinkles or pimples on the face, it is better to avoid the ash, red and green shades.

They will make the flaws even more noticeable.

Hair Color Trends 2022

The current shades of hair coloring can be found for any eye color. The main thing is to take into account the tone of the eye iris. Cold include blue, gray, and dark brown eyes, and warm-green, light brown, and amber shades.

You can safely select the hair color in the same palette.

Brown Eyes

For brown-eyed women with bright irises, warm gold, copper, red, or chestnut colors are best suited.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Green Eyes

The emerald color looks more harmonious with all shades of red and gold.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Blue Eyes

Blue-eyed beauties can choose ash blonde or bright purple. Depending on skin tone, strawberry, golden blonde, dark chestnut, light pink and eggplant may look great.

Hair Color Trends 2022

Grey Eyes

In hair color 2022 trends, chocolate, nutty, reddish-copper, and golden shades look great. All ash color options will make the appearance more honorable.

Hair Color Trends 2022

And if you need to stand out from the crowd, then you should choose blue, lilac, or purple.

Today stylists have practically no restrictions on hair color trends 2022. Along with natural shades, bright and unusual colors such as pink, blue and green are just as popular.

The main thing when choosing your hair color is to consider the face tone and eye color since each appearance has its own appropriate coloring options.

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