19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

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Even after centuries, braided hairstyles 2021 with simple and complex braids remain the most beautiful and elegant. Even an ordinary braid is a hairstyle that matches two modern trends: naturalness and simplicity.

Hairstyles with braids are succeeding in social networks, the best of all is that there is no age exclusivity. That is, these looks are perfect for both girls and teenagers and adults.

Certainly, this proposal is not new as such because braids have been known for many years, however, currently, they are enjoying a lot of popularity and they are great for the hot season.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

On the other hand, braid hairstyles are ideal for different occasions. They are beautiful to go for a walk, they work to take care of the hair when exercising, and they look fashionable at parties or events.

As if that weren’t enough, there are too many models, you can start with the less complex ones and practice until you make beautiful multiple braids.

Today, braided hairstyles solutions look extraordinary and gorgeous. And in order to prevent the usual braid from becoming boring, stylists come up with more and more new options for hairstyles with braids, which can be done easily and quickly on your own.

Here we will look at the main fashion trends, options for braiding, and styling that is relevant this season.

Fashionable Types of Braided Hair 2021

2021 braided hairstyles offer several interesting variations at once, which, if desired, can be supplemented and changed as you wish.

For an elegant hairstyle, you don’t need to invent anything complicated. It is enough to remember the two main types of braids, and add a couple of accents, like a beautiful hair clip, and you are already irresistible.

Asymmetry has been relevant for several seasons. In 2021, we are offered interesting braiding combinations. The bouffant at the roots and the lateral arrangement of the braids make it possible to express even the most boring image.

Carelessly falling curls frame the face beautifully, making it feminine and romantic.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

Plain Braided Hair 2021

Plain braid, or French braid, is the most popular type of braid hairstyle. For all its beauty, such braiding is performed very simply, you just need to practice a little. This season offers to dilute the severity of the hairstyle with bright ribbons, threads, or bows.

Brushed braiding at the roots allows you to visually stretch the face and add volume to the hair. Accessories decide a lot – if you remove all the bright elements, the hairstyle will fit perfectly into the business style.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

Trendy Braided Hairstyles 2021: Reverse Braiding

The reverse braiding, or the dragon braid, as the name implies, braids not inward, like French, but outward. As a result, we get an interesting comb laid over the head. Some ladies prefer to wear this hairstyle in everyday life, and some create complex hairstyles from several of these braids.

Reverse braiding is especially popular as part of Viking or Elvish hairstyles.

Fashionable Braided Hair 2021 with a Tail

This hairstyle will be a godsend for active girls because it is simple to perform and quite comfortable. The option that combines a high ponytail and simple braiding allows you to get a beautiful hairstyle that will remove strands falling on your face.

Straight or reverse braiding over the head at the crown or at the back of the head (depending on preference and convenience), goes into a simple tail.

The idea is far from new, but its relevance is easily explained by current fashion trends.

Among other things, you can do not one, but two low tails in combination with braiding.

Bubble Pigtail

The bubble ponytail is an ultra-modern hairstyle. In order to add it a unique touch, start by collecting the front strands in two braids and make your bubble ponytail.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

Braided Hairstyles 2021 with Bundles

A bun is another trendy hairstyle element for modern ladies. It quickly became an element of more complex styling.

The easiest option is to make a bundle from one braid. It can be based on a ponytail of different heights or based on one of the braids on the head. The braid is neatly twisted and secured with hairpins.

A more complex and strict hairstyle will turn out from two braids, each of which is twisted into a bundle and fixed with a bobby bin on the back of the head. Thus, you can get two separate bundles, or one large one, intertwining the braids with each other.

A few curled strands and a couple of jewelry will add solemnity to such a hairstyle.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

Elegant Evening Bun Braided Hair 2021

One of the perfect evening hairstyles for a formal look is the timeless and elegant bun.

Braiding elements will help to diversify the bundle in its usual design. Tandem braiding and a bun are at the peak of popularity as trendy braided hairstyles 2021.

The main distinguishing feature of a bun hairstyle with a trendy braiding should be the volume of the hairstyle.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

The strands in the front will give a touch of mystery to the image, and if you wish, you can complement the beautiful hairstyles with braids with ribbons, hairpins, and other laconic hair decors.

High Bun

Perfect for girls who love to have their hair up but want a fashionable look at the same time. High buns are always glamorous. Start by gathering the hair into a ponytail, part one section, and braid the rest.

Open the ends well so that it has as much volume as possible and roll it upon itself.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

Low Bun with Braid

This hairstyle is one of the easiest and most popular because it is suitable for any occasion (weddings included).

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

It looks more capturing on ombre hairstyles.

2021 Braided Hairstyles on Semi-Loose Hair

An example of a sophisticated and luxurious hairstyle for a special event can be a variation of the braided hairstyle, complemented by loose strands.

For those who do not like complicated weaves, or who prefer to walk with their hair loose, the designers also found several ideas. A couple of small details will instantly refresh the look and diversify the simple styling.

To add tenderness and mystery, you can slightly curl loose hair and create light waves on the hair, which will emphasize the sophistication and charm of the braided hairstyle and the image in general.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

Types of Loose Braided Hair 2021

Trendy Braided Hairstyles 2021: Waterfall

This provides you with a simple, elegant, and quick hairstyle to do. It is usually included with loose hair, combined with a pair of low ponytails or flipping itself around said ponytails.

The French waterfall hairstyle is gaining more and more popularity. From the outside, it looks just amazing, and at first, it may even seem that it will not work to do it yourself.

However, it is quite simply – based on a French braid, but diagonally or horizontally. With a little practice, you will surprise everyone with a sleek new hairstyle.


A hairstyle as subtle and discreet as this one shows all the shine and splendor of your loose hair. You just have to take a lock of hair from behind one of your ears and braid it.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

Half Crown

Wearing a semi-updo like will look absolutely gorgeous. Make two braids with the front locks and overlap them behind the head. Curl the ends with the tweezers to give the hair more movement.

Herringbone Braid

The main peculiarity of this braiding is that it is made starting from two strands.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

It is specified in thinner sections than usual, which are subtle, elegant and attractive, especially in elegant hairstyles.

Trendy Braided Hairstyles 2021: Two Braids

You can try a reverse French braided hair 2021, as well as other exquisite variations.

Stylists suggest braiding hair symmetrically in the center of the head, collecting all the hair, or leaving part of the hair loose, which will also look stylish.

This hairstyle variation will be appropriate on any hair, regardless of the length and type of hair itself. In addition, two braids on the hair in a fashionable color look spectacular, which will allow individual strands to be distinguished in an original way and attracts special interest.

Front Braids

If you want to get a fresh look and give your hair a chicer touch, you can go for some delicate front braids.

The first thing to do is to divide your hair in half, after that, grab a lock of hair and make a simple braid.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now Repeat the same process for the opposite side and tie the hairstyle in the back.

Space Buns Braids

The most popular of all. This hairstyle has several ways of wearing it, however, combining the space buns with braids gives a phenomenal, cool, and modern result. Although it may seem complicated, the process is simple, you just have to make sure you follow the step by step.

Double Fish Braid

Almost nothing! This hairstyle, laborious when inexperienced, resembles the body of a fish and adds beauty, originality, and solvency to your aesthetic. You can turn it into a crown, around your head, or finish it with a side ponytail. In both cases, you will be beautiful!

Luxurious Braided Hairstyles 2021: Voluminous Braids

Trendy braided hairstyles 2021 can be made with long hair, and the braiding itself should not be tight, but still neat and elegant.

19 Most Original Braided Hairstyles 2021 That Are Actual Now

Hairstyles with a braid in the center are relevant, when performed, you can use one type of weaving, or even several at once, smoothly turning one into another, which attracts attention and gives a special charm.

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